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    Did anyone notice that the screen shots of the HP Touchpad does not have rounded edges on the corner of the screen. I hope the Pre running webos 3.0 gets rid of those rounded edges as well!
    Rishi O.
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    You know, I thought something was a little different in "webOS-supersized edition," but I couldn't put my finger on it. You're right.

    The rounded corners are still in use on cards and notifications, it seems. So it's just on the screen corners. Guess it's okay. I actually preferred the rounded corners.
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    I also prefer the rounded screen corners. I hope that it's easy for someone to make a patch to bring back those black rounded off corners. when I get the TouchPad.
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    I sort of preferred the rounded corners.

    Are you sure the rounded corners disappeared completely? Full-screen apps never have rounded corners, so maybe that's what you saw.

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    rounded corners on a round corner phone is fine with me. Tablet I don't care as much
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    yeah i miss them too. shame...
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    I do not miss them at all, hope they are gone on the WebOS 3 smartphones or you at least have a choice to turn them on or off.

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