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    Lured to a LiveBlog by statements of promise,
    about sparing announcements, 'till products'r upon us.
    Prepared calendar and wallet for dates and prices,
    for acquisition of upgrades to my mobile devices.

    For my Pixi's virtues, I stay stalwart and patient,
    yet its anemic features cause announcement elation!
    A year's time has passed, and faith's final reward,
    a device with WiFi, hotspot, and Snapdragon aboard!

    I shall shuffle loose the shackles of this weighty laptop,
    and my studies shall be eased with a WebOS backdrop.
    Not another device, but a variation on the theme,
    a chaos of disjunction, funneled to an elegant stream.

    So, jilted as I'd been by the failed potential,
    I found my cause for excitement, increasing exponential.
    And there sat I, scrolling PreCentral,
    searching for information I deemed so essential,
    dates and prices, my reading torrential!
    At the bottom my answer, their knowledge consequential!

    Soon, and unknown... like the 2.0 update,
    I shall remain an expert in the art of "no, just wait".
    Until, that is, that I finally discover,
    that I must leave this abusive lover.

    So I will steel my vision, for a suitable replacement,
    and no longer subject myself to abject debasement.
    Should a solution arise, filling the criteria desired,
    I'll wait not a moment longer... my gullibility has expired.
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    Good Job You should post it on their FB page.
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    No, I'll just see how a Xoom paired with an Evo works for me... I get an upgrade in a few weeks. Continuing to look at their company only reinforces bad behavior.
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    Yeah I really hoped upon hope I'd be heading out to Best Buy at 12:xx (EST) today to pick up a Touchpad. I'm not surprised the phones won't be out for another 6 months. I really thought after the new CEO did the Balmer impersonation we'd see the new products either days after or coinciding with the Feb 9 event. Instead we can buy the already obsolete pre2 but only on Verizon.

    Why do I get the feeling us pre minus suckers on Sprint are going to end up having to bend over?
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    Sprint has been awesome to me for 7 years. They even gave me a huge discount for half a year on my plan when I went through a hard time.

    I won't jump ship from Sprint. So Xoom + Evo seems to be my solution, even though it is not ideal. I'm dead freakin' tired of lugging around a laptop and getting ball cancer from having it in my lap. And my Pixi is awesome, except when it isn't.
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    Man, I needed that.

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    Can't stop being irritated.

    It's like a hand-job with steel wool... I feel like I'm only hurting myself for getting excited, but I always show up thinking "this time, it'll be lotion instead..."
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    ^ I LOL'd
    couldn't have put it better mself
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