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  • Pre3

    54 17.59%
  • Touchpad

    28 9.12%
  • Veer

    3 0.98%
  • Touchpad+Pre3

    160 52.12%
  • Touchpad+veer

    9 2.93%
  • Im not gonna buy any of these

    53 17.26%
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    Time for vote!

    Im very impressed with pre3, not so much with touchpad. I guess I think pre3 can do most touchpad does, especially if skype were to work on it. And I really have no interest to read time on a tablet.

    HP can convince me by price the tablet as low as possible, otherwise, I probably will go with pre3 and stick to my galaxy tab.

    We shall see!
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    Yes, Yes, No!
    Sprint Love
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    Nope to all 3.
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    I would buy the touchpad and the pre3 today but not in the summer the will be outdated by then.
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    Depending on price and network I will likely get both a phone and a pad.
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    1. No Pre 3... I have an iPhone 4
    2. No TouchPad... BB PlayBook I will buy
    3. No Veer... To Small
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    I am interested in the Touchpad, however the summer is too far off for me to decide now. (I was ready to buy the Touchpad today if it were to ship by March)

    I will probably get the Pre3 as it is an upgrade over my Pre2. Nonetheless I am disappointed. I was hoping for more form factors. In the end the Pre3 may be the best option for me, but I was hoping to see a keyboardless option (landscape slide would be nice too).

    I'm a bit disappointed.
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    Pre3 and TouchPad
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rainforrest View Post
    1. No Pre 3... I have an iPhone 4
    2. No TouchPad... BB PlayBook I will buy
    3. No Veer... To Small
    Why would you want the Playbook over the iPad if you are already an iPhone user? (no offense, just curious)
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    Touchpad and later on the pre3, want a tablet more.
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    I'll be buying the Pre 3 if it comes to Sprint. I've never been a fan of tablets and although the Veer looks sexy, I feel like it'd be a downgrade from my Pre-.

    WebOS is more important to me than any hardware that an Android, Apple, WP7, or Blackberry could offer in the time that the Pre 3 comes out. The OS is just so amazing. While the Pre 2's hardware was questionable, the Pre 3 is everything I could want from a hardware perspective (assuming the battery life is the same or better than the Pre-). I wish it was 4G though, that's my only complaint.
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    Pre3 on Sprint only and maybe a Touchpad..
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    My contract is up in June, so I'm hoping the Pre 3 will be available then. I definitely plan on buying the TouchPad. I bought my GF an iPad for Xmas and as nice as it is, I believe the TouchPad will be more to my liking. I just have to have WebOS.
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    I'll be keeping my evo shift. I would love the Pre 3 on Sprint and I was hoping to return my shift before the end of my 30 days tomorrow, but I'm not going to wait 5 or 6 months. I'll have another upgrade later this year, we'll see how the webos app situation is then.
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    HPalm has no high end device, i dont think that webos devices can compete with other smartphones and tablets comming out this summer...

    So if the webos tablet will be out for half of the price of the playbook or iPad2, i would think about buying one.
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    Touchpad is too big and waiting for a sliderless Pixi Plus upgrade.
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    I will be getting the Pre3 once it is available in Canada then the ThinkPad later on. I do not see what people are complaining about, i am very impressed and i cannot wait for them to be released!!
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    i voted pre3, but thats if i want it when i decide to buy
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    Pre3 if it comes to Sprint. If not, I'm lost. Touchpad I'll be researching more before I decide but I already like it more than the ipad.
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    Somewhat mixed feelings about the announcements today. I'm happy with my Pre Plus hardware-wise, but was really looking for something punchier than what was announced. They need to build market share. These devices needed to :

    1) Be available much sooner
    2) Present a user experience which would show them to be easily ahead of the pack.
    3) Be physically more dominating stats-wise
    4) Have at least one phone which was a dramatically different form factor. Even if the build quality is awesome (remains to be seen) it still looks too much like the old phone.

    If I need a tablet, I may consider this, but despite all of the tablet lust, the phones drive the market and will sell many more units than an tablet (for Apple and Android as well). The needed a compelling phone and the presented merely somewhat better than decent one.

    They can still save this with lots of "new partner/ new software" announcements (weeekly) and lots of advertising showing not the specs of the device but how well it works as an overall experience.

    Sell them in a bundle and if the user experience is good it might move the needle for them. But I truly hope there is more news than just this.
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