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  • Pre3

    54 17.59%
  • Touchpad

    28 9.12%
  • Veer

    3 0.98%
  • Touchpad+Pre3

    160 52.12%
  • Touchpad+veer

    9 2.93%
  • Im not gonna buy any of these

    53 17.26%
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    I will get the Pre3 if it comes soon and to sprint
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    Like most, I will need the FULL WebOs experience. Just have to convince my wife to let me get em both. C'mon now... a few of you KNOW what I'm talking about (a little support here , pls).
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    As of right now.... A Pre 3.

    Could change though by the time it launches.

    If I do get the Pre 3, I will consider a TouchPad, but I am still on the fence ATM.
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    The more I see the Veer, the more I am attracted to it. The feature that I would "miss" the most about it is not having touch to share with the ipad
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    So tired of waiting around for simple things like DTG functionality. If it wasn't for the ease of charging with the touchstone in car and desktop, I would have gone to an HTC product long ago. Am I the only one disappointed that HP was the buyer?
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    My wife is planning to get a new phone and a new tablet. I am trying to decide which webOS device that may attract her the most. Ideally, i would like to get both from HPalm and I tried to convince her that TouchPad and Pre3 would have worked together nicely, e.g. touch to share, etc; but that would be a hard sell unless HP has a good bundle promo.

    I am using a Pre+, so she is fairly familiar with webOS and thought it was nice.

    She never had an iphone, right now is using a WM 6.5 phone, but has an itouch 3G and an ipad 1 and likes both of them. Given she already has an ipad 1 and still is looking at an ipad 2, I doubt she will be impressed by a TouchPad for the same price. I think I have a better shot at getting her a webOS phone, probably a Veer since it's rather unique and is out now. Pre 3 is also possible as long as there is no firm date when Apple releases iPhone 5.
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    I reccently bought Pre 2 to replace my Pre-. I use phone just to quickly search for stuff and dont use it for taking photos/videos so no need for me to buy Pre 3. On the other hand - good reviews, better battery life and skype support can convince me even though I prefer smaller phones (not Veer smaller ).
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    Pre3 on Sprint (it better happen) and the Touchpad when it is released with GPS. Unless the TP wi-fi version has a way to use the pre3's gps via a wifi/bt connection.
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