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  • Pre3

    54 17.59%
  • Touchpad

    28 9.12%
  • Veer

    3 0.98%
  • Touchpad+Pre3

    160 52.12%
  • Touchpad+veer

    9 2.93%
  • Im not gonna buy any of these

    53 17.26%
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    Touchpad .. If its cheaper than an iPad ..
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    I would have bought a Pad in March, maybe April. I've waited long enough for WebOS promise.
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  3. JKM
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    I do not know, what I will do half a year from now.
    So I am not able to vote now...
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    Pre 3 with Verizon or Sprint, absolutely if it has 4G somehow. I just really don't like the thought of T Mobile's tiny coverage areas, and I dislike AT&T greatly.

    I think there is a good chance I'll be buying a Pre 2, Pre 3 and a TouchPad.

    I have a Pre, and got my first Pre 3 weeks after launch date. I've been upgrade eligible since like May or June of last year.
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    The touchpad is a sweet device.

    But with out apps who cares?
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    I've wanted a webOS phone ever since they were first announced. Sadly, I've had AT&T. I would've gotten the pre+ on att, but it's a little long in the tooth. I am very excited about getting a touchpad, and hopefully a pre 3. I was pretty disappointed when they said that they won't be available until the summer.
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    Since I have a pre+ that I love and the contract is not up for several more months, the pad will have to be my initial choice. Next when upgrade time comes I will get a Pre3 or hopefully by that time I will get other choices. Either way this appears to be a great product and by the time I can buy, there should be many more apps available.
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    Because I'm so invested in the Palm ecosystem I am looking at the Touch Pad and the "Pr3" (yeh that is corny) anyways, I am eligible for an upgrade in April which is also my birthday and I am just itching for a new device I'm not sure if my tech lust will allow me to hold off till Summer.

    The questions that I have is, can the Pre 3 hardware now do stuff like augmented reality with the proper app, and will stuff like shazaam be able to work on it, and also GPS (not the broken type of GPS the current Pres have. If it can I just might stay...if not HELLO VERIZON iPHONE....

    Update: I thought about it, HP gave me everything I asked for in hardware, it is now up to developers I'M IN!
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    I was gonna until they announced they're not supporting their existing devices.

    So based on that feel I can't trust them to continue supporting these either. So as it stands, no, even though these devices would not be affected by it.
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    I went into the event excited about the tablet possibilities but came out more excited about the Pre 3. For some reason webOS looks less elegant to me on the TouchPad. It doesn't seem to add anything more to the tablet experience than any of the other operating systems I've seen demonstrated. I'l still look at it when it comes out, though. Just not sure I need a tablet, but if I do it WILL be a webOS one

    The Pre3, though, had me at 3.6 inch scree. Although I love my Pixi Plus form factor (and keyboard) the iPhone size screen has always been the perfect handheld devise size to me. WebOS is so amazing on this type of devise and Pre3 looks to optimize the experience so I'll most likely make the switch this summer when I'm coincedentally due for an upgrade.

    So, meh on the TouchPad and yeah on the Pre3 for me.
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    Only if they came to Sprint!
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    good poll.. and its nice to see that people are willing those.. going for a touchpad asap and for a pre... probably (as I still have a few months) also asap :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by aapold View Post
    I was gonna until they announced they're not supporting their existing devices.

    So based on that feel I can't trust them to continue supporting these either. So as it stands, no, even though these devices would not be affected by it.
    You can't base your decision on that only, many of the cellphone companies fail to support older hardware these days, case in point, lots of Droid devices you never know if they will be update to the latest flavor. Same with Apple.

    I'm not saying that is right, but the grass ain't greener on the other side
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    me personally, I'm rocking 2 phones. A BB for work (paid for), and my Pre minus. I wasn't ever really planning to get another Pre unless it was really really awesome. I might have gone for the Pre3 if it was available now.

    I'm most impressed with the Touchpad. A year ago I would have thought it silly to own a tablet device but right now it so happens I would go for one. I could use my BB as a communicator/email checker (hey, its being paid for) and use the Tablet as the data consumption device. Once I found out the iPad 2 wasn't getting a res increase, I figured the Touchpad would be my first tablet. After seeing the keynote, I think it looks great. WebOS on a tablet works like you think it would, but seeing it actually happen is just so cool. The only problem is the release date.
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    Quote Originally Posted by danwendell View Post
    Why would you want the Playbook over the iPad if you are already an iPhone user? (no offense, just curious)
    Oh, I prefer the screen size of the Playbook, the design, and I like what I've seen of the OS. I had an iPad (sold it on ebay) and it's an excellent device but I would like something different...

    I have a Pre Plus too and I like webOS style of multitasking.
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    Touchpad and pre 3
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    I'm gonna get both!

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    The question seems a little premature without pricing or availability. No one knows what the competition will bring by then. What if the tPad is $800 w/o 3G? There have been no competitive iPad challengers at the base price of the iPad. Apple owns the supply chain. Good luck getting the necessary components as inexpensively as Apple.

    Also consider that the software is not ready either. The hands-on videos show a laggy, sluggish system not close to ready for primetime. They don't have a video calls partner yet. What if all of the features do not make the final cut, like Exhibition in 2.0?

    HP has not shown a product that is finalized. It has no ecosystem. And it has no price. How can anyone say with confidence that they will want to buy it six months from now?
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    I can only vote once so voted for the Touchpad + Pre3 for me, would have liked to put I will get the Touchpad + Veer for my wife too...
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    Sad thing about the Veer is that it can't do Touch To Share (that I know of), so the Pre3 and TouchPad pairing is the only one that makes sense for me. Oh, plus the fact that I love the Pre3.
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