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    On the anti-hate wagon... Just hate that this device can't come out sooner :/
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zyphlin View Post
    If within the year every HP computer allows for instant-on dual booting of WebOS then you're going to see big things happen with this operating system. Content providers would have a major reason to jump on board, which would spur the smartphone market as well as WebOS's big deficiency is the lack of apps and content providers.
    So it would be Intel's AppUp Store with much less of a userbase? Windows 7 already functions in an instant-on capacity on my HP netbook, and I already have access to pretty good Kindle, comic book reading, music and video streaming "apps" that way. Windows 8 will close this gap even further.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zyphlin View Post
    I don't get this "The Pre Form Factor was a Fail" stuff.

    I've heard very few people honestly complain about having a keyboard.

    I've heard complaints that the build quality was all accounts its greatly improved. I've heard complaints the screen was too small...its now similar to the iPhone in size. I've heard complaints the keyboard was too small...they've now increased its size and typing comfort from what people are saying. I heard the devices felt cheap and like a toy...where as people are saying they like the feel of the Pre 3. I heard people complain about the lack of an onscreen keyboard...we've heard mention that such is available in WebOS 2.1 (though admittedly don't know if it'll be default usable).

    However, I've not heard a lot of people say that in general they hate having a keyboard or a portrait keyboard....but the various things that went along with it, all of which appear to have been significantly upgraded.
    I mentioned this in another thread, but it largely has to do with the visceral reaction a form factor gives you. People see an iPhone or large screen Android and they're intrigued. An audience of WebOS fans, developers, and tech journalists saw the Pre 3 at today's event when Ruby first whipped it out....and responded with groaning silence.

    I have no doubt that the Pre 3 is as solid as the Pre form factor will ever get. But it doesn't even have the tactile appeal of a Dell venue Pro much less an Evo or iPhone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hparsons View Post
    I suspect if it were finished, it would be coming next month, not this summer.
    Yep. But like I said, It's not even close. It is exactly what Leo said he would not do. It is a bald-faced lie from a bearded man. He said the hardware was ready. Is it? They don't even have a price for it, so they may not have the suppliers and parts locked down.

    The software is pre-beta. Some of the hot new features don't even work. They don't have a solid video partner yet. They couldn't even show flash running on it at the event. They had to show a video of flash running according to the PC live bloggers. What they did let people play with at the event was sluggish to the point of unsuitability for a consumer.

    This device is little more than a collection of hopes and dreams right now. They are competing against the iPad with hopes and dreams. They won't even beat the PB with hopes and dreams. It's better than a render, but far from an actual product, yet.
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