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    Quote Originally Posted by dandbj13 View Post
    Use a Mac? Download xcode for $5 from the Mac App Store, connect your iPad and start swiping away. I've been using gestures on my iPad 2 from the beginning. Their baked into 4.3. You just have to turn them on.
    Thanks for this. I remember reading this when iOS4.3 was released. I'll wait until Apple polishes this in a future OS release. It'd really be a shame if Apple incorporated it and HP left it out. BTW, the 3 gestures Apple included don't seem worth the hassle to activate, particularly given they require 4GB of storage. But who knows, I've been reading the blogs about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zyphlin View Post
    If it has an onscreen gesture that allows for "back" and a gesture so that we can get to an app launcher or card view without pressing a button then I will have no complaints.

    If it doesn't have those abilities then frankly then to me this becomes a MAJOR disappointment and removes one of the key reasons I was originally holding out for a WebOS tablet.

    I don't want to have to find and hit a back button. I don't want to press a little button on the bezel constantly. I want to swipe, I want to flick, I want to gesture. That is what made webOS amazingly fun and intuitive to use and one of the things that makes me think that I'll stick it out with WebOS everytime I use an Android or iOS device despite their massively better app situations.

    If HP does away with that and tries to sell me with "just hit the button" or "just click back on the screen" then they'll have ruined one of the largest reasons why I'd buy their tablet.
    I agree with you completely. If they don't have gestures, then it's just an iPad with no apps.

    I hope HP is monitoring this thread and changes their mind about the gesture area.
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    While originally disappointed by this I'm trying to have an open mind and I hope to play with one before making my mind up. In the spirit of playing devil's advocate I'm going to suggest these things may have driven the decision to not have a gesture area on the tablet:

    1) Having it (particularly if it was useable in multiple orientations) would reduce screen realestate.

    2) The size of the tablet may have led to awkward use when carrying with one hand and using it with the other. The use of a button where you will be holding this device most often may reduce this problem in most use case.

    On the flip side...

    RE: #1 - If the gesture area was optional and you could enable it much the way that the notifications in webOS on the phones works (taking away a small amount from the bottom no matter which orientation you were in) - then this model might work.

    RE: #2 - If there were "use anywhere" gestures that would work while in any app from anywhere on the screen then this might be a non-issue also.
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    You know what would be pretty cool too is if you could use the pre3/veer to do your gestures for the touchpad!

    I can see you holding the veer in the palm of you hand synched with the touchpad. your thumb racing away doing gestures to apps for the touchpad. Like a little mouse.

    What do you think?
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    the htc incredible phone has seven home screens. From any of the home screens, place your thumb and index finger apart and pinch them together and you'll see all seven home screens on one page. the touchpad should be built with the same feature to access card view. thereby eliminating the need to use a home button or having to enable gestures from the bezel on all four sides of the touchpad.

    - use a two finger tap on the left side of the screen to navigate back.
    - use a two finger tap on the right side of the screen to navigate forward.

    - swipe down diagonally from upper right to lower left to switch to the previous
    - swipe down diagonally from upper left to lower right to switch to the next app.
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    I have seen the swipe up reproduced on android(and the playbook i think) by having one pixel of sensitivity at the bottom or side that registers the swipe. This could be added to TP to preserve my favorite gesture: the wave launcher.

    I will really miss how quick and easy things are with the wave launcher if it gets lost
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