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    So lets say HP-Palm announces over the next 3-4 months, they will be crediting $100.00 towards each user profile that purchases/registers a new PalmPad...

    This would be great for the customer, and guarantee the developer that there will be $100,000,000 for them to gun for in the palm app store industry.

    They need to do something serious to draw more developers, lets face it...

    What's better to take a potential loss on $100 from each of the first million devices sold or BE KICKED OUT OF THE TABLE MARKET FOREVER by shear consumer demand, or in this case rejection?

    IF YOU ARE AT THE HP ANNOUNCEMENT TODAY SOMEBODY SUGGEST THIS, I can't be there, today I find out if the sex of our baby (due in July), so it is upto you people!

    Lets hope HP sees the importance of the APP Developer count, and realizes this would be a great way to give the market a boost.

    They could even wait until say the end of april, or may even, to credit the user accounts with the $100 to give new developers a chance to get in first. Anyways, take the idea and run with it if you think it has merit, or come up with something better, who knows, it may be the last shot at drawing over the big boy developers!


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    Apple created a $100 Million iFund for app dev's. Worked pretty well for them.
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    Nope doesn't help.

    Releasing more devices in a month will help them. They need to release bigger, better phones on all providers starting with Sprint first. There are roughly half million to million Palm Pre customers on Sprint still holding to the original Pre Minus.

    If they can sell say 2 plus million phones in next four months they have a chance to attract the developers.
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    I agree and i want your avatar!
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    I see what you're saying, and it's an interesting idea.

    However, I still don't think it solves the issue of getting devs to the platform. You need to entice them and show them the superiority of it over Android/iOS. Just telling them 'Our customers have $100 to blow, you could make a ton of money off your awesome fart app!' isn't going to bring them.

    It would definitely be a two step program, but it certainly is a great idea. $100 might be a bit much, but maybe $15? Something like if say, Apple were to give out a $15 iTunes gift card with every purchase?
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    Thanks for all the great responses and ideas.

    lets face it, the competition is strong. I myself am a webos ******, just converted another Apple user this week, can you believe he loves his new sprint palm pre?

    all that said, anyone that jumps on the webos tablet user base is taking a gamble in a app market that is still struggling. I feel that HP-Palm needs to reward the early adopters for that gamble, and give some assurance to developers that they truly recognize their value.

    By giving the credit to the users they allow the users to decide which apps/developers get what portion of the stimulus.

    Tablets, even more so than phones, need apps.
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    A gift card of sorts? I like it. Limit to the first 500K of each new device to spur demand.
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    Why admit defeat before even firing a shot? No matter what HP releases, the only headline will be that HP has to pay people to take their iPad killer. How about we wait another hour and see of they produce something that people might actually want to buy before coming up with schemes to give them away.
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    Its a silly idea. HP should have already written checks to get (bigger name) devs by now. Today should be demo time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    Its a silly idea. HP should have already written checks to get (bigger name) devs by now. Today should be demo time.
    Of course. This is something they should announce shortly before the devices go on sale at each carrier. We might need it to help the sales of the Veer and the Pre (cubed).
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikah912 View Post
    Of course. This is something they should announce shortly before the devices go on sale at each carrier. We might need it to help the sales of the Veer and the Pre (cubed).
    wouldn't it be funny if the 3 (on the Pre) simply means a footnote?
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    I'll be nice if HP offered up to a $100 credit toward new HP devices for all palm profile's created before today.
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    It would be nice if they gave credit to those of us with legacy Palm webOS phones towards getting a new one for orphaning us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeisnowonfire View Post
    It would be nice if they gave credit to those of us with legacy Palm webOS phones towards getting a new one for orphaning us.
    Orphaning us.. lol makes me feel so helpless. Anyway, I have reached a state of apathy and don't even care anymore. Too many broken promises, I have lost all trust in HP/Palm, their word has lost all meaning to me. Nothing besides actually following through for once will change my opinion on this.

    Do you really expect to get something like this? I mean seriously, a hundred bucks would be nice, but you can't really expect that. In psychology class you are taught that the best predictor future behavior, is past behavior. With all the broken promises and delays experienced over the past two years, how can you expect anything more? I think that everyone that is actually expecting a significant form of compensation from HP is in for yet another let down.


    Who knows though, I would absolutely love to be proved wrong.
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    I think they would be best rewarded by getting their Enyo SDK out and released as soon as possible, then continue to do things to show real, active support for development. Incentivize the developers to get past mojo and on to Enyo, smooth that bump as much as possible (developer conferences, sales contests anlong the lines of the PDK apps contest a while back, etc.)

    That free server to the internals guys was a good gesture. Do more of that sort of thing, where it makes the best sense.

    Above all, put effort into convincing developers that time spent learning Enyo now and developing webOS apps in the next 2 or 3 months will pay off with real results when the 3 gadgets (plus PC emulation) are released.

    Finally, get your corporate muscle behind initiatives to brute force popular apps from/for really popular things. (This talk of HP coding apps for developers is a good sign.)

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    $100 is not enough for us Dev's that are now in the dust. we kept working on things behind the scene under false pretenses. I think HP should offer us a free phone on Sprint at the least.
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    it would be kool and you can hope but dont bank on it lol they will just release a downgraded version of 2.0.1 before they lose all that money !
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    hey demetry i am sorry u feel that way, but honestly, that is business.
    HP needs to move forward, and they have been giving out pre 2 in the past. i was taken a back too by the announcements and lack thereof, but i realized, HP is not dumbing down the product, they are making better, much better. so yeah we got screwed however if you cool down and take some time to look and what webos can bring together now maybe you may feel a lil bit better about their decision...
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    I expect something like this for current pre users when they upgrade to make up for reversing promises.

    But I really doubt they will do something like this for anyone.

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