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    I'm checking all possible tech blogs(that I know) for new news of HP/Palm tablets and nothing is coming new and interesting.

    Any updates are welcome, what you guys think when it will hit the stores?

    I checked BB as they will have more info about new prises but no luck.

    I'm getting so impatient that these 23 hrs are also bothering me
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    I doubt anything is going to be leaked or announced since its the day before the big event.
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    There is probably no one to leak anything right now as all hands are on-deck setting up for the event. Oh to be a fly on the wall during the setup.
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    Day before big event is the time leak occurs, I would check engadget throughout the day.
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    Well playbook has already been announced and I have been knee deap in it as the playbook is on my list of possible tablets along with hp and maybe android, but I don't think android is something I want. But on the playbook side, there is no pricing or release and the videos are the same somewhat showing same demos. Though if you keep watching you get some new info from different videos. Tomorrow, hp will be letting flood gates open and hopefully it is worth it.
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    OH! the wait...the agony...AHHHH! lol.
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    It is hard to wait :/

    However, as far as the pricing and stuff goes, had the release date been anything within the next couple weeks, we may have seen a leak. However, I think since the release date is going to be a month or so away, we won't get anything until tomorrow.
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    It's a hard wait.

    And sadly Palm is pretty good about not leaking big, important devices.

    IDK, I'm just hoping that they really wow us, and everyone else. There's an insane amount of hype around this event, and (for the first time since January '09) it's coming from more than just the Palm camp.
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    Does anybody think tomorrow (nice to say tomorrow) that HP will tear into RIM for copying cards and bezel/gesture areas? I would if I was on stage.

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