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    HP have tablets PCs with stylus: for fashion designers and now small tablets for schools
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    Quote Originally Posted by johncc View Post

    Don't see HP naming a device after a supplier's business name though.
    The device won't be called 'Topaz' it's just a codename until they decided what it will be called. I'm suggesting that they came up w/ Topaz as a codename because they wanted to include stylus recognition...

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    I'd love a Stylus option that works alongside of Multitouch and works similar to a Wacom stylus providing more usability for detailed applications like Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop.

    Heck, I want Photoshop on webOS...maybe one day we'll get something useful like Photoshop editing if and when Adobe Air arrives on webOS. Sorli...
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    Quote Originally Posted by TopTongueBarry View Post
    Not all Multi touch capacitive screen tablets require a stylus the size of a grape. Add N-Trig technology to the multi touch capacitive screen and you have the choice of using your fingers, or using a stylus with a tip the same size as the tip on a ball point pen. This technology is useful for handwriting, taking notes, etc,and for drawing or creating artwork.

    Another thing N-Trig technology adds to the touch interface is pressure recognition. Press the pen a little harder on the screen while writing and the line becomes thicker. Barely touch the screen with the tip while writing or drawing and the line becomes thinner.
    There were rumors a couple of months back that said that the WebOS tablets will use N-Trig technology. That's when I did a log of research on them. Here's there website link.

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    I don't see the stylus factoring in this. Although the idea of using a stylus seems to be growing in popularity.

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