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    If it has a keyboard (bluetooth or attached), yes. The only thing I will need my laptop (or a desktop) for will be image/document scanning and image editing--and that's something I only do once in a while.

    In fact, I'm already considering selling my netbook to get some cash for the PalmPad.
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    YES, my dumb netbook is worthless
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    The PalmPad for me is going to be the in-between for my Pre and my laptop. I run a Qosmio X505. It's a behemoth of a laptop, meant to be a desktop replacement, which it serves as beautifully and with no hitches. I haven't looked back since I got it, and I adore my Qosmio.

    However, as a full-time student in Anthropology (read: LOTS of notes and papers), this 12-lb monster is a LOT to lug with my books. My Pre is awesome. I love it. When I don't need to take notes, my Pre covers most of my computer needs. The PalmPad is going to be the perfect go-between for me. So long as at least Scratch WP works on the PalmPad, I'll be happy, especially if the hardware keyboards come through (be it BlueTooth or Wireless or whatever). I haven't bought a netbook yet because I've been holding out for a PalmPad!


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    If HP (or anyone) can also do a great photo integration (uploading and limited editing) that would also be one less thing my laptop would have an advantage in.
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    It'll replace my netbook, but not laptop. My laptop replaced my office desktop because for Office apps all I need is a laptop with a docking station.

    I'm sure in 3 years, there will be no difference between today's laptop and a tablet.
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    i currently don't own a laptop, I'm a sophomore in college and i haul my full tower to my dorm every semester, and i wont have it any other way. i have a LAN gaming strap that allows me to carry my beast around with me.

    so the way i look at it for me is i always wanted a device that i could bring to class to take notes and surf the web and do little stuff, but then i do my heavy work and gaming on my PC in my room.

    So i believe a webOS tablet would make a great device to bring to class with me and fit my needs perfectly.

    Nothing will replace my Desktop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wesleymarin View Post
    YES, my dumb netbook is worthless
    Gotta stay in the "NO"
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    iPad is great tool and has replaced my laptop except for Lightroom, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, FCP.. it is great to pick it up and work, and not wait for boot time. I never shut it down, just tap to sleep lasts several days.

    Perfect example, I was rewiring my HT in my vacation home in the mountains. While I am behind the HT cabinet, I look for TOSlink optical switches on monoprice. I had the ipad with me behind the cabinet.

    The other day I wanted to reach behind my Sony Flat to hook up my xbox after being repaired for RRoD, but didn't want to pull the TV off the wall. In 20 seconds I pulled up a g-image of what the back of the TV looked like and connected without having to get up and boot up a laptop.

    In the livingroom while entertaining, I can pass the ipad around and let people pick music plays through HTPC, from music I owned or from Napster, Rhapsody... would never pass around a laptop for this.

    While sitting outside, I edited a movie on Reel Director for sharing with my friends.

    After tubing in the snow, I plugged in the SD card reader and instantly uploaded my pics and movies, and passed the ipad around so we could laugh at the days events

    On the plane typed a blog and a couple things in Pages that transferred right to Word, where I finished formatting it. I use a small foldable blue-tooth keyboard.

    In the morning I can sit back in my favorite chair and read the news, without sitting at the table. Read magazines and books. Any magazine I don't have an e-version of, I cut off the binding and run through my Fugitsu Scansnap S1500 to instantly turn it into e-reading material I can bookmark and notate on.

    In my classroom, I can walk around(with the ipad), helping people out, while monitoring everyone's computer simultaneously.

    I can watch video tutorials while performing the trainings on my laptop or pc.

    I have 3 PC Desktops at home, a HTPC, Macbook Pro, Mac Pro, and the thing I use the most? iPad.

    You think (Toodledo) "Done" looks good on webos? "Done" is a great interface, I can't wait to see it on a tablet, you should see Toodledo on the ipad, it transforms people.
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    As it stands now, no. I have to access proprietary online databases that require IE or Firefox, so Firefox for webOS could change that to a yes for travel. A robust version of OpenOffice for webOS would be very helpful as well.
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    The PalmPad will be a perfect replacement to my laptop when I travel and also around my home for casual computer use.
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    Well I've never touched an ipad but reading what you can do i figured I would just my laptop for normal typing speeds and email. If I can run my ms progs (everything in suite) I guess I could eliminate it... except for the other progs like photoshop and other software I know is not on a tablet. But I am waitin
    Gotta stay in the "NO"
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    I don't understand the question. Can a pad replace a laptop? Is that laptop a primary or secondary computer? If secondary, most likely. If primary, it will depend on the type of user you are, but I wouldn't recommend it.

    There seems to be the idea held by some that if a pad cannot fully replicate all the functions of an 8 core beast, it must mean the pad is worthless. I don't get that kind of thinking. A pad does not have to replace anything to be a worthwhile purchase. It is its own thing. For some people, that is all they need in a computer. For others, no one system will ever be enough.

    Does a desktop have to replace a server farm? Does a laptop have to replace a desktop? Does a smartphone have to replace a laptop? Then why this pressure on tablets to have to replace a primary computer or its worthless? Where does that come from?
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    Quote Originally Posted by netwrkr9 View Post
    The PalmPad will be a perfect replacement to my laptop when I travel and also around my home for casual computer use.
    Same here, i'll use the laptop for graphics, music creation & document editing.
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    if it has some word/office program, yes. I surf the net and write things. Bt keyboard and I'm set.
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    it can't duplicate a laptop for sure (avidemux, bt, illustrator, excel, powerpoint, zune, games), thats why I felt 7" is better because of its portability and maybe battery. 10" is just too big to carry around.

    However, with document to go, firefox mobile, skype, good email and calendar, it can substitute the functions of the laptop I in many cases.
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    Tablets for sure are not laptop replacements, as there's just some things a tablet can't do. But that being said, since I got my iPad, I rarely ever use my laptop anymore. It's just much more convenient and honestly much more enjoyable.
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    It won't replace my laptop (my primary computer), but I work from home and plan to use the tablet when I need to travel to a client for a meeting and for casual homebound surfing. During most of those meetings, the only reason I need my laptop is to dash off a quick email, pull up a web page that I can show the group, or email someone a document they need. Given those simple tasks, it's a pain in the rear to have to bring the big hulking laptop. The dashing off of email notes and emailing documents can be handled by my phone (with the help of Dropbox), but viewing websites as a group is difficult. The tablet will also become my primary news reading device. I'm constantly sitting and reading RSS feeds, and it can get hard on the eyes.

    Honestly, I suspect the tablet will do wonders for my phone's battery life. It won't actually make the battery better, obviously, but I probably won't be on my phone quite as much. My only concerns is that I'll most likely get the wifi version, which means I may need to use mobile hotspot more ... which sucks battery like there's no tomorrow.
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    it would be nice if it did but you miss a lot of functionality
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    for me I'd say yes, currently my laptop is a POS and im using the hell out of ,y poor pre. id love to have a larger screen, better on screen keyboard, and I'll gladly replace the laptop with a palmpad. I don't like IOS so until now a tab wasn't an option. And most people who think they NEED Ms. Office really don't, googledocs is just as good, and is accessible on webos. Most of consumers aren't office power users and don't even use 1/3 of its features. But that's not to say any of you specifically don't. That's my thoughts on it anyway. And if blackboard mobile was supported by my school I'd never look at a laptop again. Of course I still have 2 desktop pcs, one for meh, the other for architectural drafting.
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    It wont and never replace my desktop/laptop. I still want it.
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