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    looks like this could be what the leaked specs of the tablets could be referring to.

    Amazon rolling out Netflix-like unlimited video streaming for Prime subscribers? -- Engadget
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    Hope we still get netflix
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    The yearly price is cheaper and i use amazon ALOT so would like the free two day shipping, but netflix is everywhere. Tvs, ps3, my ipod, phones and computers and has atleast 3 or 4x times more content.
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    With Rubenstein on the board at Amazon, this had better be on the new Palm phones and Tablets at launch. College students already get Amazon Prime free for a year. Can you imagine what a hook that will be for our platform if they can stream unlimitted VoD on their devices absolutely Free for the first year and then for only $79 per year afterward? These devices would explode on campuses. Once the sales start to materialize, Netflix and everyone else will be on board as well.

    Personally, I'd rather have Amazon Prime membership and get free two-day shipping on purchases on as well as streaming video than join Hulu Plus or Netflix.
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    I remember one of the leaks mentioning kindle support on launch, followed by other amazon stuff later in the year. Maybe the streaming service is part of that other stuff?

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    If Ruby doesn't start translating his power with Amazon into things for Palm then what is the point? Let's get this ball rolling!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeisnowonfire View Post
    If Ruby doesn't start translating his power with Amazon into things for Palm then what is the point? Let's get this ball rolling!
    I don't think you understand what sitting on a board of directors is supposed to mean.
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    I already have Netflix, and use it a lot with my new Vizio that has it built in. (Seriously, this is a game changer, at least in my house)

    I also have a Amazon Prime membership, since we order a lot of everyday stuff off of Amazon. However, my new Vizio also has Amazon VOD built in as well, and I used it a few times already and it is really nice (much bigger HD collection than Netflix, it seemed, in my not-so-scientific analysis).

    So I already pay for both (for different unrelated reasons - video vs. shipping), but would gladly welcome this as an addition, and for the right price, would even consider paying to add it to my Prime membership (at a discount, of course), as long as it is unlimited like Netflix...

    Now. off to read the fine print on my cable broadband provider to make sure there aren't any hidden bandwidth / usage caps, because with all of the kids shows I have streamed form Netflix already in the last week, I don't want any surprises...

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