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    But they don't. Apple made good products, atleast for Iphone, Itouch and Ipad. They got great build quality, and everything just works. That's the magic that people love with Apple. Not the Apple logo. Big difference.
    I'd say great build quality, sleek looking, and so simple & limited to use that users can work them. We call that last part ease of use. Others call it too simple and limited. While yet others call the company too controlling.

    There's good points to both sides. Apple opened up a new world of users with their keep it simple philosophy while adding a bit each sales cycle. It's a pretty box though. While others are ready to dump AOL for the full internet.

    I'm still liking AOL though. Still waiting for the full internet to get nice n pretty enough.
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    Apple has the benefit of having a lot of educated customers. I know so many people who refuse to upgrade operating systems, switch from VHS to record tv shows, cling to the dumbphone because they "know how it works". A lot of people doubted the iPad because it was a giant iPhone, but really it was a huge selling point to non tech geeks who knew they could pick it up and use it instantly. I'd love to see some commercials just showing how to simple it is to use.
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