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    I think one of the places where tablets really need to advance is gaming. Gaming on a touchscreen is amazing and has awesome possibilities. Because most computer games relly hravily on moving a mouse arround the screen and clicking in menus and buttons, a tablet makes SO much sense to be used as a greaf gaming station too. Tablets get alot of heat about not being productive enough but looking at the speaks comin out i see no reason they cant be. Atleast to a point. Game designing heavy graphics work, 3d architectural designs? No, but a digital pen friendly app which allows u to draw characters on your pad and a desktop companion that renders them, basic graphics such as those used in ms office, and an app that can let u draw blueprints which will synce up with a desktop companion which allows for rendering. These are all possible. As far as gaming goes, this is the place to start. Popular mmorpgs would really be great with a touchscreen as there is so much mouse moving and clicking and touchscreen would highly help, also games like sims, empire earth ect also would be awesome as they are popular pc gaming apps that would be amzing on tablets, but too hard to put on smartphones due to small screens. I so want empire earth on a tablet! And a full featured sims, and sim city 4! Empire earth 2, not 3, 3 was so watered down! Anyway do u all agree? And what games would u want on a tablet or think would benifit?
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    I don't think any good or big games will be possible for a couple more years on tablets. An MMO on a tablet would basically be 80% of the screen dedicated to buttons, and a 2 inch box in the middle of the screen for your character and the world. The one thing I am excited about for tablets is emulation. With all these new fancy dual cores, I'm thinking someone can get some smooth ps1 and n64 emulation on em.
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    Imagine playing the game on a tablet!! That is what we need!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChickenMan View Post
    I'm thinking someone can get some smooth ps1 and n64 emulation on em.
    i'm liking this.

    tablets would be awesome for these style games.
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    I agree with that too! Emulators would be awesome. What would be really awesome is if each game allows for custom controls so say you put in a racing game, for the first time use of that game, the emulator will allow u to pick a name for ur save file, and then pick your controls which, for racjng, there could be an accelorameter based control with other actions mapped to gestures u pick or buttons. Each game could allow for custom button mapping thus allowing for a truly unique experience! Also with this new processor wouldnt it be possible to reach ps2 games? If not, atleast ps1? I want ff7,8 and 9 on my tablet!!! Man there are a ton of 64 games id like ok no i just got all excited! Can u all imagine what homebrew will do to this thing!!
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    PS2 games? lol no way man. I know on my cpu (2.66ghz core 2 duo OC'd to 3ghz), ps2 emulation is still laggy and blocky. There's no way some crappy mobile dual core with probably worse architechture and less effeicient clock by clock than my very old e6750 core 2 duo is gonna emulate ps2 games. Not even if Sony made the emulator. Even PS3s can't emulate PS2 games.
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    I agree with you. And the post above about unreal engine. However, by HP using qualcomm as the processor choice (must rumors point to this), they have basically abandoned having as a focus. Qualcomm processors have always been the least powerful having processors probably in the world. Not to mention that qualcomm processors have always had the worst battery far. Look at the average life of an htc android device vs. ANY OTHER manufacturer that use other processors. Look at gaming too. Qualcomm vs. any other manufacturer. Compare evo vs. droid x, or evo vs. galaxy s... Qualcomm is always the worst.
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    well, the NGP is basically a pimped out tablet with 50 input methods and a quad core Cortex... I'm excited

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