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    Anandtech compares the 2011 procs.

    In 2011 Qualcomm will introduce the QSD8660, a Snapdragon SoC with two 45nm Scorpion cores running at 1.2GHz. With a deeper pipeline, smaller cache and a largely in-order architecture, the QSD8660 should still trail NVIDIA’s Cortex A9 based Tegra 2 at the same clock speed. However Tegra 2 launches at 1GHz and it won’t be until Tegra 2 3D that we see 1.2GHz parts. Depending on timing we could see dual-core Qualcomm phones running at 1.2GHz competing with dual-core NVIDIA phones running at 1.0GHz. The winner between those two may not be as clear - it’ll likely vary based on workload.
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    The Google Nexus One ran the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, and that is the only Android phone that really impressed me. Lack of standard issue android bloat-ware probably helped a lot too.
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    And this processor purportedly is a dual core snapdragon, which the Nexus One lacks. I'm sure the "Palm Pad" will be very speedy, as the Pre 2 is already speedy enough (so I hear.)
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    Only 1024x768 and no rear camera is a big disappointment for me. Still considering it, but right now this thing is not much more than a faster iPad minus the apps, to be honest. Still considering it but the Honeycomb offerings are looking very attractive right about now.
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