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    Well, as I usually like to do some art painting and need canvas for that hobby.

    I was wondering if this HP Cloud Canvas (posted on precentral front page: has something to do with art. Then I remembered HP have those touchsmart tmt2 tablets for graph designers and are used by some fashion designers as well. Link: HP TouchSmart tm2 and tm2t series | HP® Official Store

    HP also have some kind of program and tutorials for fashion designers

    I browsed a little and found this interesting site:
    where you can make your cloud graphic design as you were using and adobe illustrator software (some screen shots below)

    The first picture is this site with a blank canva and the second one is some kind of sketch draw I made. I signed up with my gmail account ( a Google site?)

    So, what I think is that HP will bring up with the cloud free or charged service this HP cloud canvas as well. Maybe a way to atract the art, digital graphic and fashion designers, that might be using the touchsmart tablet tmt2 or not having at all, like a cheaper alternative to it or to test the Topaz webos tablet in this sector too.

    UPDATE: A video demo of the HP touchsmart technology might bring you an idea of how this HP cloud canvas could work on the cloud instead.

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