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    Hi, I have obtained a document of the Topaz. Here are some snippets of information for you, some of which may already be known.

    The document was last updated in August and is a working marketing document, so some information may not be accurate when Topaz is actually released.

    Here we go:

    1. Specs:
    Processor - Qualcomm MSM8660 @ 1.2 Ghz
    Panel - 9.7" XGA (1024 x 768) w/IPS Wide Viewing Angle: 80/80/80/80 EZ-clean coating
    Memory - 512MB (DDR2)
    Storage - 16/32/64MB (3 options)
    Graphics - Integrated graphics (OpenGL/OpenGL-ES 2.0)
    Comm - Dual Band WiFi 802.11bgn + Bluetooth combo Optional WWAN+GPS SKU
    Input Devices - Capactive multi-touch display, Accelerometer, eCompass, Ambient light sensor, microphone
    Ports - Combo 3.5mm headphone/MIC w/HP Beats Audio, Micro-USB (Charging/PC Connect), Full size SIM card slot (on optional WWAN SKUs), Internal stereo speakers, Touchstone inductive charging and tap-to-share
    Cameras - 1.3MP webcam (user facing)

    2. Topaz MUST support Palm’s Touchstone technology for inductive charging. In addition, Topaz MUST support Touchstone v2, which adds one or more communications coils that can enable “tap”-to-share use cases

    3. Seamless mobility experience – ex. start browsing content on a smartphone, seamlessly switch to the bigger screen slate or PC when desired. Get a message or call on your phone, read/talk and respond on a slate. View/edit and move documents (Office files) among mobile platforms to stay productive at all times.

    4. long (all-day) battery life - ARM-based platform, large battery, phone-like, as opposed to PC-like, standby behavior

    5. a lower-cost/more affordable price point ≤ $399 after carrier subsidies, affordable data plan

    6. Topaz will likely be the only slate to mimic the iPAD’s 4:3, reading-friendly aspect ratio and publisher content portability. It may also be the only slate to charge via USB and in either portrait or landscape orientation. Finally, there are opportunities to further distinguish Topaz through investments in webOS, wireless device interactions, inductive charging, dock experiences, cloud services (ex. Melodeo, Snapfish, HP Cloud Drive), and content partnerships.

    7. Excellent display viewing angle – the Apple iPAD’s web-optimized display with 80/80/80/80 viewing angle will be the benchmark for slate devices at the time of Topaz’s launch. Topaz’s display MUST match or better that spec.

    8. Topaz SHOULD be capable of being marketed at a price point below the Windows-based slate products and, PREFERABLY below the price of the equivalent Apple iPAD configuration, to be competitive. (Note at the time of this writing that the 16GB WiFi-only Apple iPAD retail price is $499.)

    9. Topaz configurations to be accommodated MUST include the following:
    WiFi-only, 16GB SKU
    WiFi-only, 32GB SKU
    WiFi-only 64 GB SKU
    WiFi + 3G HSDPA, 16 GB SKU
    WiFi + 3G HSDPA, 32GB SKU
    WiFi + 3G HSDPA, 64 GB SKU
    WiFi + LTE, 16 GB SKU
    WiFi + LTE, 32 GB SKU
    WiFi + LTE, 64 GB SKU

    10. Topaz WiFi-only MUST be targeted for a CES 2011 launch #Fudge: DOH!

    More to follow.

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    It will be interesting to see how having both a compas and touchstone compatibility pans out.

    No mention of a back cam?

    Also, one of the regulars here (don't remember who) mentioned that HP was behind schedule and that was the real reason they missed CES. If this doc is true, then #10 makes it seem like this person was correct.
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    pictures or it didn't happen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fudge View Post
    Hi, I have obtained a document of the Topaz. Here are some snippets of information for you, some of which may already be known.

    The document was last updated in August and is a working marketing document, so some information may not be accurate when Topaz is actually released.

    Here we go:

    Storage - 16/32/64MB (3 options)
    That's not very much storage..
    Sprint Love
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    this is fake! Don't believe it. For storage it says 16/32/64MB. I don't think marketing documents would contain such errors
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    "64K should be enough for everyone" :-)
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    This would be a pretty intense troll if this new user had written it up. Apparently he has not much else to do if it is.
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    11. Topaz MUST support Palm’s Touchstone v2 inductive charging capability. In addition it is a MUST that it also support “tap”-to-share use cases between HP/Palm touchstone v2-equipped devices, especially between Palm smartphones and Topaz. Touchstone use cases to be considered for incorporation MUST include, in priority order (pending results of directional primary research in HP’s Online Communities):
    1. Wireless Charging – Topaz Touchstone coil(s) <-> Topaz Dock Touchstone coil(s)
    2. Wireless picture sharing – esp. Palm Touchstone v2 Smartphone -> Topaz
    3. Wireless web site sharing – esp. Palm Touchstone v2 Smartphone -> Topaz
    4. Wireless audio streaming to [HP/Palm or 3rd-party] speaker dock (Bluetooth pairing)
    5. Wireless map & directions sharing – Palm smartphone (ex. Broadway) <-> Topaz
    6. Wireless music sharing- Palm smartphone (ex. Broadway) <-> Topaz
    7. Wireless contact sharing - Palm smartphone (ex. Broadway) <-> Topaz
    8. Wireless video streaming via Touchstone video dock to VGA or HDMI-out
    9. Wireless printing – requires Touchstone-enabled printer
    10. Wireless video game playing via Touchstone-enabled video dock – when device is undocked, video-out stays enabled but device now acts as game controller with video being displayed on TV.

    11. Topaz MUST provide a Music application. Given the PSG partnerships between HP and Rhapsody in the US and Omnifone (HP MusicStation) outside the US, the application should consider supporting purchase and playback of music through these services. In addition, the Palm Pre and Pixi support Amazon MP3 so that service should be considered for inclusion in Topaz as well.

    12. Support import of music from: - HP Cloud Canvas (if launched)

    13. The following music services SHOULD be investigated for integration: - Rhapsody (for US only), OMNIfONE (powers HP MusicStation in EMEA)

    14. The camera should allow users to use a VoIP video chat application

    15. Topaz MUST support video chat through its user-facing webcam. It is also a MUST that Topaz users be able to video chat with members of the Skype or GTalk or other popular VoIP services so that video chat is not just supported between Topaz owners

    16. HP should consider integrating connectivity services such as iPass and Boingo into the connection manager. Pending business development, HP may integrate WebOS apps from these services, or similar applications from carriers, as discrete applications. (Investigate to see if the solution works in Europe also)

    17. HP will create or partner with a third party to create a suite of cloud-based services. These services may come with a free trial and/or may require an annual subscription. These services will be further defined as HP Partner Negotiations for services are finalized.

    18. Cloud services are intended to provide “the other half” of the Topaz experience by creating seamless connectivity back to a user’s main PCs, enable sharing, and provide data assurance.

    19. 1 – Cloud Storage and Sharing – HP Cloud Drive or other service. In the future HP’s Melodeo acquisition may morph into a full cloud service and handle more than music storage and streaming. 2 – Cross-Device Synchronization 3 – Settings/Services/Backup to PC/Mac for support reasons

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    No offense. Doesn't sound like official marketing documentation to me!
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    20. HP may wish to consider pre-bundling several applications that provide bounty/revenue share and enhance the user experience. All of these applications are pending region and carrier requirements and HP business development. HP ISSA are not expected to have to significantly modify these applications, but each application should, wherever possible, leverage the HP OOBE to set their location. For example, if a user enters their address, the weather application should use that reference for its initial setup. The Palm GBU business development team has been provided a list of desired content partners for Topaz. They include the following:

    US & ROW eBooks
    o BLIO – Get them to do significant webOS customization so that we can claim differentiation over other platforms. Feature set must be as good or better than iBooks or Google editions

    o Solicit B&N & Amazon to see if they want to invest to get behind our platform. It’s possible that these players build an app that we deliver in the apps store.

    o Overall we want to create an experience that spans PCs, Phones and Slates.

    US Newspaper
    - NYTimes

    UK Newspaper
    - Alicia / SKY / Newscorp (covers the two big newspapers).

    Need Germany Newspaper

    - Topaz SHOULD have at least ONE “deep” video partner. We need to talk to Hulu and Netflix. CinemaNow is a possibility especially with the new BBY relationship. This is likely US only so we need a story for UK / GERMANY

    - Understand the Melodio strategy and what this acquisition means for Rhapsody in the US.
    - UK / GERMANY – Omnifone/HP MusicStation

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    Honest, I'm not here making all this up...I've got kids to look after and a job
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    Quote Originally Posted by fudge View Post
    Honest, I'm not here making all this up...I've got kids to look after and a job
    Could scan that doc?

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    It sort of all jibes with the stuff we've already heard...though none of it is particularly earth-shattering.
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    It does sound like some dude in Marketing's wish list. I can buy that it's legit as that.

    I hope it's fake though, as it sounds like less Sprint integration.
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    Color me...skeptical, if only because as someone with a graphic design background and now supporting IT systems for marketing, this seems to lack the appropriate marketing language (i.e. "buzzwords"). But if this was real and from August, then HP has had 6 months to nail all this down and based on the apparent confidence HP has for Feb., I think they may have nailed most of it.

    <- is intrigued though.
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    512MB of RAM? I hope that has changed...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Croathlete View Post
    512MB of RAM? I hope that has changed...
    I bet it hasn't.

    It's hard to get more ram than that in a device where battery life > RAM needs.
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    "must"... "Should"... hard to believe...

    Best Regards...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Croathlete View Post
    512MB of RAM? I hope that has changed...
    I saw that too and hoped the same thing, but then I just thought will it matter THAT much if the OS is optimized well?
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    Sounds like more of a wish list that a spec. The hardware was pretty much specced by August last year and they wanted to to task the software guys and get marketing to sweet talk all those various content providers.

    If they achieve all this then WOW!!! "Oh dear I think that was the tag line for MS Vista, hope I haven't jinxed it )"
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