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    Do you guys know that the BEATS headphones are made Monster, yeah that monster that makes we already know its a scam and a ripoff.
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    Can someone explain the appeal of Beats? I don't listen to music or watch movies on my:

    Portable tablet device (if I had one)

    I watch movies and listen to music on my home theater. So why do I need premium sound from a device with tiny speakers? Even if I used headphones... I have an MP3 player for that.
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    I could only wish that it came bundled with an actual pair of Beats by dre ear phones!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    The rumor is that there will be at least one model with the beats stuff. Even if they can't put amazing speakers in a pad, the beats electronics will sound great when plugged in to external speakers.
    100% Agree. If any of you have a decent sound system, once plugged in will sound awesome. Like another user mentioned Dre Beats as software and hardware, its the hardware that makes the difference (sound card) not the speakers.

    On another note, I despise name brand crap the likes of "Dre Beats" and similar trademarks and brands like the recent "50 Cent" stuff and anything Monster. Its all marketing JUNK. However, the Dre Beats will actually be a much much better edition to the tablet hardware wise than probably all of its competitors.

    Oh, pro tip for the my fellow Precentral members:

    14 gauge lamp cord performs the same as Monster Brand cable. Also, buy the cheapest HDMI or optical (Toslink) cables you can find... they all produce about the same quality. Worry about $100+ cables when you are rocking $5k+ speakers mmmk?
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    Love the radiance screen of my Envy 14, perhaps there will be a Envy pad someday too, with higher resolution?
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