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    which one would you pick? and why?

    I personally will go wifi only, because I already have sprint pre and T-mobile galaxy tab, both with data plan.
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    Probably wifi, though depending on the rates and what Sprint comes up with in terms of a webOS phone I am somewhat toying with the concept of a dumb phone and smart tablet with a data plan.
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    I went wifi only because I would not pay for an extra device to have internet access when my phone can provide it if needed. On a side note though, I doubt I will buy a TouchPad unless they are truly made from unicorns and will be available for $100-$200 (Max). I just don't see the value in what they provide at the price point they are going for.

    Edit: I don't know the price they will sell for, but seeing the price for android/iOS equivalents, they are to pricey and don't offer enough function IMHO.
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    I'd go Wifi. Why buy another data plan?

    Most of the time I'd be using a 10" tablet I'd probably be around some kind of wifi source. The times that I'm NOT around a wifi source I would have my phone on me and would use it as a mobile hotspot to provide internet to the Tablet.

    My phone goes with me everywhere I go, so there's little worry on my part that when I need internet it wouldn't be there to provide it. As such, even if I had to pay $25 extra for a tethering plan, it would still likely be more practical than paying for the higher priced data enabled version along with a second data plan.
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    WIFI only, why pay for another data plan.

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    wifi only, with tethering on my pre who needs a data plan.
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    wifi would work for me.
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    lol i was the only one to say both... i like having the data on my tablet... im thinking there will be like a $10-15 fee... if we still can't tether
    Gotta stay in the "NO"
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    Neither, I'm both.
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    Wifi, I figure if needed I could use MHS
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    wifi. It will ludicrous for me to pay for another data plan.
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    Have an iPad, tethered for a while, battery life, manually setting it on and off got old. For the price of what I would spend on cigarettes if I smoked, I would get 3/4G
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    Wifi only. I do not need a data plan for a tablet. Most of the places where I would stop to use a tablet have wifi, and if they don't, there's always the freeTether option.

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    Can i still use my phone while tethering? I guess itd depend on the monthly price but id have to consider it.. I can see my phone battery dieing like crazy so idk. (while many places have wife, many also do not. So i will really be thinking about that and what id use the thing for. Is gps included in these devices?
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    If the 4G data plan ends up being the same extra monthly fee regardless of device (e.g., you pay $10/mo more for 4G, no matter which device has it), I'd go with 4G on my tablet and 3G on the cell.

    I figure I'd use the tablet for heavy browsing, and therefore would want 4G on it. I could live with 3G data on the phone if I'm only using it when I'm in a bind. That of course, assumes that the tablet doesn't weigh a ton and I can take it with me most places, obviating the need for browsing on the cell.

    If the battery issues can be solved (running BOTH batteries low by using MHS?!), I'd go with WiFi only on the tablet. Otherwise, I'm not sure my tablet would ever leave the house - if I'm going to run my phone battery down either way, why bring the tablet?

    Also, depends on whether you can do voice AND data on the cell at the same time with MHS. I can definitely see wanting to talk on the phone while browsing on the tablet. If MHS on the phone means no voice on the phone at the same time, I'm going with 4G on the tablet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cglaguna View Post
    Have an iPad, tethered for a while, battery life, manually setting it on and off got old. For the price of what I would spend on cigarettes if I smoked, I would get 3/4G

    I have a WiFi only iPad that I tether with my Epic 4G when I need Internet access. It gets old fast. I will take the 9" one with built-in WiMax please.
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    I want an iPad WiFi only, then I'll tether.

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    Wifi only and ill use my pre to surf in the wild
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    Wifi only. I don't need my tablet to work everywhere. That's what my phone is for.

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