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    Hmmmmmmm I would probably get both... but if i can tether from my phone EFFICIENTLY and not loose battery life substantially I guess I could give wifi a shot.
    Gotta stay in the "NO"
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    I would love to get wifi and LTE, I really can't afford a data plan for my phone and another for a tablet. If there were some type of prepaid plan, I might consider it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmleese View Post
    Does thatmean there is no way gps couldn't be includeded with wifi only version? If so,that sucks.... !
    Probably not. GPS receivers in phones are built in to the phone's receiver chip. The wifi-only version would require a separate GPS receiver to be installed which would add to the cost and reduce profit margins on the device.
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    Wifi and tether off the phone
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    I currently have a wifi/3g iPad with an AT&T plan..... with an HP/Palm pad alone, I would have the same, but with both an ipad and an HP/Palm Pad I will seek a tethering solution.
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    Thinking about it a bit more I am hoping HP and Palm have implemented a way to easily "tether" a webOS phone with the tablet in a way that makes it seamless and automatic. It also has to be good on the battery life while idle, so you can get through the whole day tethered. This could be a completely new protocol to make this happen.

    Just a thought.
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    WiFi, then I use my Pre+ hot spot when needed, plus I doubt any pad I get in the future will leave the comforts of my home.
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    Why is wimax not mentioned?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beanis View Post
    Why is wimax not mentioned?

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    It's implied in 4G

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    Quote Originally Posted by millworkman View Post
    wifi only, with tethering on my pre who needs a data plan.
    wifi only here. tethering is an option...and then there's always the possibility that the next device (or a subsequent device) will be 4G and have a mobile hotspot option.
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    It's interesting to read the posts of people who are currently tethering their WiFi only iPads who say they're immensely sick of it and would buy a 3G/4G version instead of another WiFi only version. Yet it seems like everybody who doesn't currently tether a tablet seems to think tethering is a great idea.

    Every single one of us would prefer a 4G version of the tablet, we just may not be willing to pay the extra expense of having a 4G connection. Personally, I don't have a great deal of interest in ANY tablet right now. I just want a good phone with a screen that isn't diminutive by smart phone standards.

    I might want a WiFi only version if:
    1) If the radio is 3G only. No 4G is an absolute deal-breaker. 3G is useless.
    2) If my phone can create a WiFi hot spot while plugged into the tablet to charge.
    3) If the data plan for the tablet is more than $20/mo.
    4) If the WiFi only version is hundreds of dollars cheaper.

    I might want a 4G version if:
    1) There is no WiFi only version offered.
    2) If the data plan is under $20/mo
    3) If tethering will wipe out my phone's battery if I can't connect the phone to the tablet to charge.
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    Any tablet I buy will have WiFi+3g/4g. My mother lives in a rural area that the only way to access the internet is by dial-up or Verizon Wireless.
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    I don't feel like paying for an additional data plan.
    Just call me Berd.
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