View Poll Results: What size PalmPad would you buy?

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  • 7 inch (Opal)

    32 16.41%
  • 10 (9.7) inch (Topaz)

    147 75.38%
  • Both

    9 4.62%
  • Neither/Other

    7 3.59%
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    What would be your choice and why?

    a read about this question:
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    10". I like the form factor and size of the iPad.
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    Depends. If I keep my Pre+ or they introduce a tiny phone that shares resources with a tablet... probably the 7". But the kindle is the perfect size as long as they give it decent resolution. I think they should all be 720p, but certainly 1280x900 (or 1024) should be the minimum resolution to be my primary screen. If my next webOS phone is closer to 4" then I'd want the bigger tablet.

    My netbook is 13.3" and 720p, and I really don't want anything smaller for extended use with these tired eyes.
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    7", iPad is too big for me. Never really played with a Galaxy Tab, but I suspect that since my eyes still work just fine 7" would be just beautiful.
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    I'd go with a 10" tablet. I don't see a big enough difference between my phone's 4.3" screen and a 7" tablet for it to be worth the cost.
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    I'd rather 9" personally. But I'm most likely not buying a webOS tablet because I'm too dependent on a pen and OneNote, so I guess my opinion doesn't / shouldn't matter too much.
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    The big one... have a cheap 7" tab now and hate the size
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    10 7 is way too small
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    also, a poll would be nice.

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    I'm leaning towards 7, although I would want it to be 4:3. The nook color is 16:9 and is a bit too narrow.
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    You have no idea how useful a 10" tablet that runs genuine linux would be in a visual effects studio. Everyone will be falling over themselves to disconnect from their workstations like that.
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    After owning the iPad, I can't imagine anything smaller.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clevin View Post
    What would be your choice and why?
    7 inch if it comes out later and on Sprint 4G network. I have a feeling the Topaz would be 3/4G while the Opal will be wifi and 3G. Otherwise I would buy the larger Topaz.
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    Moderators, how can I turn this into a poll? or if you could help?

    anyone played with both iPad and galaxy tab?

    I find galaxy tab's size sufficient, if not perfect, and I can say its very different from a 4" smartphone. It's resolution is good enough for almost everything, while have much greater portability.

    I just don't really know the pros and cons of carrying a tab of iPad's size day to day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clevin View Post
    Moderators, how can I turn this into a poll? or if you could help?
    <<Poll added>>
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    I said both, big one for me and 7 for my girlfriend.
    Sprint Love
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    I would want to wait and see release dates and also what size phones are going to be coming along with it! Not long to wait now tho.................
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