View Poll Results: What size PalmPad would you buy?

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  • 7 inch (Opal)

    32 16.41%
  • 10 (9.7) inch (Topaz)

    147 75.38%
  • Both

    9 4.62%
  • Neither/Other

    7 3.59%
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    I voted 7 for now, bevause its so much easier to carry around. One hand, and pocket size.
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    I would probably like the 7" for traveling... I'm one of those "only pack as much as will fit in a carry-on". However, I'd like the 10" for the coffee table so I can quickly browse, email, etc. without any eye-strain.

    I sure hope HP puts in these nice "retinal" displays. Once you've seen these side-by-side with a standard display, you'll know what I mean.
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    i'll take whichever one comes out first
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    Honestly, which one I'd prefer comes down to battery life differences.
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    Screen resolution would be my first consideration. The Galaxy Tab's 1000 x 600 is just not quite enough to justify a tablet. A 1280*768 on a 7 inch device would be very useful - and still (coat) pocketable.
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    10" I'd absolutely want a good sized screen. A 7" device is just an over-sized phone.
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    I didn't see 10" version in the poll. From what i've read, one is 9, the other 7.
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    Galaxy tab is 1024x600. Same resolution as most netbook.

    I think the base resolution is 1024x600, 1280x768 would be good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EvilKell View Post
    10" I'd absolutely want a good sized screen. A 7" device is just an over-sized phone.
    Agreed. Mine will be a partial laptop replacement.

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    I must admit I was confused by all the "leaks". Are the two supposed to be identical other than size? Will they both come with that stereo "beats" audio and all the other options that were leaked? I thought one of the Engadget article implied that only the 7" would have that.
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    I need the larger one for work, so I hope it has the same or more features than the smaller one.
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    7 inches. My hopes were that they'd have an 8, but oh well. I feel like a tablet is something I'd probably want to carry almost everywhere with me, and use it for more than just the times I'm on the couch or in bed at home.

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    I wish the screen was actually 10"
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    The larger one. My eyes aren't getting any younger! My wife has the iPad and I really like the size. Also, my phone is my ultra portable device that's always with me. My Slate will stay home much of the time.
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    It seems like the 7" has a constant problem with input, too big for thumbs too small for touch typing. whats the point of a 7" anyway?
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    iPad owner, I would go for the Maxi - Pad 9"
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    my answer is easy...

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    7, I like the Galaxy Tab size for normal personal use.

    I may grab a 10 for work though.
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