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    I'm going to buy one for my parents. They don't have a PC but I gave them Palm Pre phones in summer to get used to the UI.

    So with the Touchpad, I will introduce them to their next level: surfing the internet and using email! :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by BoraWare View Post
    Wow, lot of uses I wouldn't have thought of. So the next question, with me never having used any tablet, how is text entry? There is all of this talk about document editing. Can an on-screen keyboard really allow for efficient text entry? I can type really fast on a regular keyboard and even my Pre's keyboard. I just can't imagine typing on a large screen (with the virtual keyboard taking half the screen). What are your thoughts?
    Text entry on the Pad is surprisingly better than I though it would be. With the iPhone/Android as my only on-screen experience prior to the iPad, I didn't have high expectations for decent text entry. I was pleasantly surprised by 2 factors: 1. The iPad's keyboard in landscape mode is generously sized, with big fat keys, and 2. it's possible to "touch type" on the iPad in landscape mode (text only, I'll explain shortly) by touching the side edge of the device with my pinkies and the bottom edge with my thumbs as a "home" reference. iOS' word correction algorithm is helpful, and I now find I am a worse touch-typer on my regular keyboard due to stupid requirements like having to actually type a period at the end of a sentence or hit the shift key to capitalize that start of a new sentence or common proper names. Typing on half of that "big" screen still leaves plenty of space for document context.

    That said, the iPad keyboard is pretty convoluted once you get past basic text and punctuation. The need to switch the keyboard to numeric mode for numbers and additional non-text characters and to switch to an extended mode (beyond numeric) for other semi-common characters (braces, brackets, backslash) seems arcane.

    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan
    His work ones are more efficient on a laptop. My staff would know better than to show up at a meeting with an ipad. Or if they edited an office document or spreadsheet with an unapproved program especially an ipad app. They're pretty much already given the tools they need.

    JMO, no offense Kupe. And it largely depends on the type of work you do. So it may work well for him. In a CPA firm, we're nuts about things like this. I'd love to be able to use a tablet though..don't get me wrong. That day isn't here yet.
    Some of my work tasks would be more efficient on a laptop, but not all of them. Typing while standing/moving around a site, highlighting PDFs, signing PDFs, and reading stuff on the go is always more efficient with my tablet. Any heavy "production" work is definitely "more efficient" on my laptop (at my desk hooked to a mouse, keyboard, and 24 inch monitor ).

    I can understand your restrictions in a CPA firm - it's all about the rules and controls or you lose business. At my company we design, build, and operate large-scale software simulations and I don't think any of the developers would be particularly interested in coding on an iPad (). But we spend an inordinate amount of time working with clients, subject matter experts (SMEs), systems engineering gurus, and users and the iPad helps some of us keep a ton of information a simple tap or two away while we run around the office, city, country dealing with the various stakeholders.

    Also, my staff is not allowed to use unapproved programs either. It's nice to be king (with approval authority).
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    wish HP hurry an get mii out!!

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    I've said this elsewhere, but I write all day in a shack (not the unibomber) that doesn't ahve electricity. My old laptop dies in about three hours; I'd love the pad to have MS word editing capabilities; I'd get two bt keyboards, one for the house and one for the shack, and be set. Though I know this is probably not the most logical option--a pad probably isn't the greatest tool for content creation, there is some sort of simplicity and austerity that I would love about this set-up.
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    Docs2Go works very well with word documents on the iPad. Best $10 bucks I spent on the iPad.
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    I'm in! I already have money set aside, in fact!

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    I'm not that interested in a tablet. But from what being leaked so far, I am very much interested.
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    i want both the 7 and 9 inch tablets
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    I'm getting one.... I have an iPad already but have been waiting for this forever! I hope they get lots of developer support and medical apps.
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    I want whichever comes out first (which looks like the 9").

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    Practical uses:
    traveling/vacations where i want to use a computer for stuff for an extended time such as web browsing movies ect, but something easy to lug around and lasts a long time, at school for something small and light to fit in book bag, and last throghout all my classes.(bluetooth keyboard and some sort of stand come into play here if i need to type) in the car on long trips for movies and yet again extended life. Im sure ill find other practical uses.

    None practical uses:
    Lazyness, yes admit it, there are plenty times u dont feel like getting out your laptop but a tablet is so much simpler, lighter and easier to put down. I also thinks they are more durable. I can see someone dropping a tablet on the floor (carpet) from hands distance and not worrying about it being damaged, wheras u droP a laptop and theres a good posibility u messed it up or broke it. Itd basically be a device i use instead of my phone when i have want to do something for extenxed use and have it with me. There are probably things it will do better then my phone too, but i have yet to see a tablet become more productive then a phone. Easier yes, but not more productive. Now if i can develop on the tablet and bump my phone and it shows the test app on the phone.... Ya ill be happy will just have to see what hp adds to make it more usefull but i can see an immediate usage for me, as i am on my itouch alot and a touchpad would baiscally replace 95% of that usage. (use my itouch as a small tablet because its screen is bigger then my phone)
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    Already have a Convertible Tablet PC and really like it - except that it isn't very portable at 7+ pounds! Have used many touch screen devices over the years from a clam shell HP 720LX to the Palm T3, Treos, Centro and now the Pre.

    I do a lot with MS Excel and the pocket devices allowing instant on and input are ideal. I've loaded Classic in order to edit MS items on the PRE but the PRE makes it cumbersome. SO I've turned the old Cenrto into my PDA and use the PRe for phone, email, reading and navigating.

    I'm very interested in a slate form tablet for personal use, business use. I, lika many people watch TV with the laptop handy to surf, email and generally distract me from the TV. The PRe is handy too for instant face book or other email updates. THe laptop is heavy, noisy ( because of the cooling fan) and generally very bulky. The keyboard isn't that comfy so I've got a more ergo KB attached via cable.

    A slate would eliminate the noise, the bulk and the extra keyboard ( I hope).

    A tablet/slate would allow me to display my side business ( embroidery & sewing), edit photos, and update spread sheets on the fly. In the vehicle it should offer a larger screen than either the Pre with Sprint nav - or my Tom TOm and maybe even be usable on the motorcycle in a tank bag!

    I have high hopes that the tablet will offer true portable personalized computing capabilities!

    I've checked out Sprints Galaxy Tablet and like the form factor. Do NOT like the Android OS or the sealed battery. Swype type is kinda cool. The screen display in store was superb, but reviews say in real world isn't quite as nice especially if power save mode is employed.

    Currently am teetering on edge of getting a netbook or awaiting HPalm's tablet. In the mean tme I'll keep juggling the Centro as a PDA and the PRE as my pocket PC/communicator.

    This PRE is MINE all MINE! But if you ask nice I might let you hold it!
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    The 7in looks like a potentially good e-reader and that is the one that I would be interested. I don't really see spending the money on a tab for a general use purpose when I have a nice lapper for that. A 7in for e-reading, a little lite browsing would be good for me if I can get it for $200 or less.
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    A couple years ago I swore I wouldn't ever get a "big" phone or a "smart phone". While the Pixi isn't "big" by smartphone standards, it's bigger than all my previous phones except for my first one, a Nokia 6150. Now I'm pretty sure I'm ready for a 3.5" to 4" screen smartphone...and I'm even willing to give up the physical keyboard.

    So to all those folks who say they won't or wouldn't own a tablet, I'm fairly certain that roughly at least half of them WILL own one. Maybe not in the next year...but within a couple years, I'd say.

    As for me, I got to play on my father's iPad recently for a couple days and got hooked. My daughter loved it...the games, the "toy" apps like the piano app, the photo viewer...a great device for kids AND adults. I imagine I'd get a lot of movie viewing and book reading in. I'm not sure about content creation, but I'd love a movie editing app to put together family images and video clips.
    Games, of course.
    Recipes (and cooking tutorials)
    Facebook and other such casual surfing when my wife is on the home computer.
    It would be great to travel with and would eliminate the need to bring my heavy 17" laptop.
    Skype (or something similar) when traveling.

    I can think of a lot of uses and I'm sure there are plenty I haven't thought of yet. It may not be a necessity or something that I can't do already by other means, but it adds a degree of portability and ease of use that I don't currently have.
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    Mostly I want it for doing school work and for browsing the internet from anyplace at home.

    Most of my school work has online texts and homework, so mobility would be key, but I don't want a laptop, because then I might as well use the computers on campus.
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    I would use it primarily for reading pdfs and whatnot for school. For some reason I just hate reading pdfs on my netbook. Also videos. So far my phone has made my normal computers almost unnecessary, so I am sure having a WebOS tablet would just make things slightly more convenient. Plus, I just really, really want one.

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    I'll probably have to get at least 2 of them ... 1 for personal use and 1 for development. It might take a while to purchase 2 of them tho, so I'll probably just buy 1 of them soon after the release for personal and development use.
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    Quote Originally Posted by icstars989 View Post
    I'd definitely use it in the bathroom alot! Can't give up my kindle though, its just so easy on the eyes!
    I'd want a Playboy app, like the one announced for the iPad.
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    Imagine a life with an iPhone, iPad, and several iPad Touches around the house.

    I would use the Pad to:

    At Work

    • Read and respond to email
    • Web surf
    • Review and make light edits to Word, Excel and Powerpoint while in meetings
    • Project Presentations from projector (HDMI)
    • Manage my schedule

    On the Road (all of the above plus)
    • Watch videos
    • Play simple games like chess
    • Check on home security through webcams in the house
    • Adjust home automation (temperature controls, lighting)

    At home
    • Manage home automation (remote control of all entertainment, check security/baby cameras)
    • Carry the web throughout the house (DIY videos, recipes, bathroom reading)

    I do most of this (except home automation) through my phone now, but it'd be a better experience with a tablet.
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    What I'm looking forward to the most in a PalmPad is:
    -instant on
    -my devices synced with each other
    -total portability

    I work on Sunday School lessons, and that covers quite a bit: word processing, video and pictures, YouTube, image editing, researching children's teaching sites, pdfs, printing and, of course, a good Bible program.

    I would get a bluetooth keyboard.

    I would also do everything I do on my Pre (email, video, music, YouTube, web browsing) and more. I really just want a full keyboard and a big screen with instant on. Sometimes inspiration strikes or you have a couple minutes to work on something, and a tablet is perfect.
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