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    It amazes me how people still fail to comprehend the size, power and influence of HP, the largest tech company in the world. Let me make this clear: the only advantage Apple has over HP, right now, is marketing. Period.
    Well, I think there are a couple of additional advantages...

    3rd party support. You can buy just about anything with an iPod plug and significant integration. Even cars. I haven't seen any other interface adopted and integrated to the extent of the iPod. My new BlueRay player even came with an iPod connection. From cases to clock radios, from cars to
    bicycles. This is a big deal for a large segment of customers. It's usually a big deal to me, and If I ever switched from webOS, this would be enough to pick the iPhone.

    Installed base. This creates a compounding effect for developers and accessory creation. Most new things are usable by most previous iPhones, making a massive addressable market size. Innovation for webOS and Palm phones is a bet that there will be tens of millions sold in the next few years. Apple has more than that already in use by people who are already potential customers.

    These are are clear advantages. They also have market recognition, brand value, etc. I don't think you can say that's only because of marketing. If they built crappy little plastic oreos, great marketing could only do so much.

    That said, I hope that HP has the ability and tenacity to teach Microsoft, Google, and the rest of them how to really market and win. I really hope you are right!
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    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post
    HP still hasn't even shipped the Slate which they took orders for in November.

    HP Slate orders still delayed, still blaming 'high volume of orders' -- Engadget
    They have shipped some. I got one on December 28.
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    Where HP does have a big presence is in big corporate accounts.

    If HP was going US consumer in March, they would have been at CES in January.

    They will announce "enterprise synergy" on the 9th in the US and then consumer products for the rest of the world (ROW) showcased in Barcelona at MWC the next week.

    ATT just announced 13 Androids and has iPhone.
    Verizon just announced 12 Android and just got iPhone.

    Sprint has a competing conference to upstage HP on the 7th so there is no way that Sprint is doing anything big on the 9th.
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