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  • Yes, Palm pad is way ahead of ipad-2, moto Xoom, RIM playbook

    14 15.73%
  • No, palm is just catching up

    21 23.60%
  • Whatever it is just make it available in March

    44 49.44%
  • I just like to press buttons.

    10 11.24%
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    Quote Originally Posted by DirkGently View Post
    I was used to have an iphone 4 and i did not have this magical feeling. Watching the first bluray on a fullhd tv was something very amazing, but on such a small screen it is more like "Oh, yeah it is slightly sharper."

    Like i said before, if you are used to use your device in a distance of 40-50cm and ask a person if its worth the additional price, i dont believe he will say: "Hell yeah!"
    What additional price? All i can say is that i see a huge difference. It doesn't matter to me if Joe Blow down the street can't.
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    We don't know what the iPad 2 is. How can we begin guessing if the Topaz is better -- especially since we don't know all features of the Topaz.
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