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    Panes... Cards... Same thing.

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    Obviously the most efficient and productive web browsers have tabs. Once the webos tablet hits, and I'm assuming it would be at least a 7inch screen, then wouldn't it make sense that tabs (together with cards) might be implemented in the web browser to give a more full screen experience? You're thoughts here...

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    Hey I called it! Turns out latest rumor is tabs may be part of webos for tablets...
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    I'm hoping improved stock app experiences all around on phone and tablet. But yeah, I'd want tabs!!
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    i like the page turning effect of the tabbed browsing thazt was kinda previewed in one of the pics... that would be one of the "ah cool!" things about the tablet.
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    gotta have tabs. i'm a fan of dolphin too; been using dolphin hd on my evo and like it a lot.
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    Necessary? No. Cool and (kind of) functional? Absolutely.

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    These tabs would be for a phone version of the browser (not TouchPad -- yet), but how does this look? They're searchable (by title at the moment).

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