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    I would like to learn about some more good website portals for viewing from my Pre. Here is a list of my five favourite mobile optimized websites.

    Funny or Die -*

    Comedy Central -*

    Spike -*

    YouTube Mobile (access your acct) -*

    Make Use Of -*
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  4. #5 (gives you the option to view the site in a mobile format) (funny British site that covers technology news) (Canadian news for mobile. Works even better than the webos app which can't show video. This site can show video) (sometimes I see things on here that I don't see on the webos app)
  5. #6 - Priceline - Hotwire - Paypal - Movie search
    Welcome to Flickr! - Flicker
    Food Network - Food Network
    IMDb - IMDB
    AOL - AOL news - Netflix is the ultimate podcast collection - List of Podcasts
    popurls | mobile edition - News
    Fuel Economy Mobile - Find Fuel Economy ratings of cars
    NAVTEQ TRAFFIC.COM - Find Traffic reports - Find resturaunts
    AP Mobile - Home - AP News
    BBC News - Home - BBC News - CBC News
    Amazon -
    Best Buy - Best Buy - Ebay
    FedEx: Shipping, Logistics Management and Supply Chain Management - Fedex
    FatWallet Mobile - Fatwallet Deals
    Free Online Coupon Codes, Hot Deals, Discounts and Printable Coupons for Hundreds of Stores - Pocket Deals
    Slickdeals: The Best Deals, Coupons & Discounts on Laptops, Computers, LCDs, TVs, Dell, HP, Apple, Amazon - Slickdeals - UPS Mobile
    No Cookies - City Travel Destinations
    Salt Lake City City Guide - Reviews and Recommendations by Citysearch - City Travel Destinations
    Flight Status, Flight Arrivals, Flight Departures and Airport info - Flight Status
    HopStop Mobile - Select a City - Travel Options
    JetBlue | Airline Tickets, Flights, and Airfare - Jetblue - Last Minute hotel deals
    Lonely Planet Home - Travel Destination Info
    Orbitz Travel: Airline Tickets, Cheap Hotels, Car Rentals, Vacations & Cruises - Hotels
    Welcome to Southwest - Southwest
    Starbucks Coffee Company - Starbucks
    Welcome to Tim Hortons - Tim Hortons mobile - CIBC
    Postes Canada - Canada Post
    ING DIRECT Canada - ING direct - TripIt mobile
    Welcome to Urbanspoon - food
    Whistler, BC, Canada - - Whistler Travel Guide
    Whistler-Blackcomb Mobile - Whistler Mobile app
    The Movement - Mobile - Another Whistler Mobile app
    TTC Mobile - TTC mobile app
    Where is my Streetcar? - Streetcar times - Via Rail mobile
    GasBuddy Touch - Gas Buddy (find cheap gas near you)
    BWT - Canadian Border - Border Wait times mobile (USA)
    Border Wait Times - Border Wait times (Canada) - Mobile Kijiji
    Mobile Travel Aide - mobile-friendly travel information center - Mobile Travel Aid - Megabus Mobile site 1 (booking) - Megabus mobile site 2 (after booking aka status)
    H&M - Home - H&m
    IKEA Mobile Web - IKEA
    National Geographic
    GO Tracker - GO Train tracker
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