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    Hi, all...

    I seem to be having a bit of a fit here, and was hoping for some insight.

    My wife's Pre3 was on the way downhill, and before she would copy her tons of photos to let me doctor it, it ended up in an unbootable state. Whether I can recover it or not remains to be seen. So, I went hunting for a replacement...

    I found a new, unlocked Pre3 FR UMTS AZERTY on eBay. The keyboard is a secondary issue right now (maybe a different thread entirely). The biggest problem I have is getting the phone onto AT&T's network here in the US. It required the unlocked doctor. I applied that, got the thing into recovery mode, then devicetool.jar, and then after getting into dev mode, using QuickInstall, I installed Impostah and the Device Profile Service Override system patch. I overrode the device profile to set it for NA Pre 3 (AT&T) (it was EU Pre 3 (ROW) by default).

    The IMEI seems to have an additional two digits (17 in all) which AT&T was not expecting. However, the box only shows the first 15 digits (it's a Palm box and not an AT&T box). AT&T's docs show that these phones may indeed come with longer IMEI strings, but even though the agent used a different tool to set the longer IMEI on the carrier side, we could not get the phone onto the network. I don't believe we tried just the first 15 digits. Perhaps that's the key. (Edit: Looking at my own US Pre3, now, mine also has 17 digits - last two on mine are 03, and on the FR unit, they're 01. I never noticed this before, and the last time I did an IMEI change, I don't recall this being an issue.)

    Pointers appreciated. My experience has only been with AT&T-boxed units from Pre Plus onward. I've never needed an unlocked phone, as I've been on the AT&T network for many years.


    Edit: If anyone has a way of escaping the HTML in the title of this thread, please pass along that tip to me. Attempting to edit it shows the edited title in the advanced editor and the original "AT&T" still in the actual title after saving the edit.
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    Your EU Pre3 is probably already unlocked. If its not for some reason, you can follow these steps:
    Dogbert's Blog: Free Unlocker for Palm/HP Phones

    You shouldn't need your carrier's participation in activating the phone. Just put an active SIM in an unlocked phone, and carrier activation will happen automatically.
    webOS activation is a different thing -- its just fooling the phone into thinking its been activated by HP and is independent from carrier activation.

    I have 3 unlocked phones, 2 from EU, activated and usable in this fashion.
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    Exactly - my wife used an EU Pre3 on ATT straight from get-go - at the time there was no assurance that a US version would ever be released.

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    Hmmm... It should be unlocked, yes, but who knows? Perhaps that's the issue.

    Thanks for the tip and the link. I'll give this another go tonight, and will post results.

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    Good info; thanks. At least I know I'm not the only person to have figured that it should 'just work."

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