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    Please forgive me if this has already been addressed, but I haven't found a solution here and it's getting really frustrating.
    For a very long time now, I've noticed that I receive texts from anybody on my pre3 about 2-5 minutes late. But I got used to it. In the past week or so, anyone who texts me - Verizon, AT&T, whatever - I am not getting the texts until about 5+ hours later. Or, if I think a good friend surely would have responded to a text I sent a few minutes ago by now, I restart the phone and their reply is already in the messaging app but with no notification along the bottom. So for the past week while texting I have to restart the phone constantly or their texts won't come through. Or a friend will call upset I didn't reply to them - because I didn't get it. It's driving me crazy.
    If I do a shutdown, I still will not get their messages, only with a restart. They get MY texts in real time.
    I don't know if it has anything to do with it or not, but my battery is going. I could do nothing on the Pre3 at all and it will go from 100% to dead in about 5 or 6 hours. Don't think that's it, but I've been sending messages and emails to Sumy hoping to God he will see I need a new battery. I keep hoping and waiting.

    If anyone can help with the texting issue please do. Also I pushed the slider too hard the other day and believe I might have broken the cable to the volume up down buttons. If anyone has a way of letting Jason Robitaille know, I sent him a message hoping he could help with adjusting the volume at least by the device drop-down menu, WITHOUT taking away the other options standard in that menu. I've only found one app that could help and I don't need the equalizer and other many volume controls it comes with. I know I can adjust ringer volume in sounds and ringtones but it doesn't help with during a phone call or listening to music. Or if anyone is capable of making an app just for those of us whose volume buttons no longer work, that would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for reading, if you have, and all of you please stay safe and healthy.

    Hoping anyone can help. I love my Pre3 but it's dying!
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    Also sorry just wanted to mention there's another app called SpeakerPhone that I think would work but I've tried installing it several times and it just keeps failing to install
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    Don't know if anyone will have any advice for me, but in case this makes sense to anyone, I sent a text and waited about a minute and put the phone in airplane mode for a minute, and I got their reply text. It worked twice but I don't understand it and don't know if it will keep working. Any ideas?
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    What carrier is the Pre3 on? What I see above appears to be referencing the source of the message.
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    I'm on Verizon is that what you are asking?
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    Sorry to be so late to respond, here.

    This got to be a major issue for me (on AT&T, here), and ultimately, I doctored the phone. I suspect corruption in one of the databases, but I never caught a log message referencing it. At the end, every incoming message thread was locked, and I could no longer reply (though the issue started with long incoming delays). Senders were on all different carriers, including my own; it really didn't matter. Oh, and just before doctoring, I lost all data capability and the modem failed diagnostics. After doctoring, it's like I got my old phone back the way I remembered it.

    HTH, especially if you've continued to suffer with this.
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    I noticed something like this from time to time and it seemed like the activity manager had gotten temporary amnesia and I either had to reboot the phone, or could just restart the activitymanager service (that causes some other weird behaviors as active activities get a hiccup). I never really figured out the specific issue for this within the activity manager.

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    Did you know:

    webOS ran on a Treo 800 during initial development.
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    I have to apologize too for not logging in here in so long. My pre3 got soaked and gave me quite a scare for at least a week but I managed to get it working again and wanted to post what happened in case it helped anyone else, but I never got a chance to. I will try to do that soon.

    But the delayed incoming texts was an issue before getting wet, and still is happening now. It's annoying but if I put it in airplane mode for a few seconds and then back, usually they all start coming in - well the ones I'd gotten since - or if I restarted it, or if the battery died they would be there when it started back up. But then they wouldn't come in anymore until I felt like repeating airplane mode or restart. After airplane mode they pop up in notifications at bottom like they should have, but after restart I only know they are there if I open messages to see if they did or not, no notice comes.

    I really appreciate getting feedback. Only I don't know what activity manager is and how to do that, and also doctoring while not the end of the world seems complicated and long and I don't know all the steps to do beforehand so as to not lose anything. I occasionally hook the pre3 up to my laptop and make sure I have a copy of all the photos, music, videos, memos, screenshots, and it's easy to transfer all that back and forth. I don't really use the pre3 for much else besides text & call, hotspot, calculator, memos, not any of the fancy stuff the rest of you know how to do. I have a few apps that don't work anymore like I don't have a maps that works anymore or a weather that works anymore and I wish I knew what to do about it. But what means a lot to me is the texts and you can't transfer them to laptop like you can photos and music, or I don't know how and what to use to even read them or get them onto another phone even if I did. If someone could explain that to me it would be great, especially before a doctor. And also there's the fear that at this point, will doctoring screw up the fact that I still use it on verizon and they don't want to keep supporting these phones? Will doctoring do something within their system so that they don't provide me call/text service anymore?

    Hoping for help and advice when you can, and wishing so much everyone stays safe and healthy. And oh I know I should put this in another post but for now, my volume cord got damaged and I can't use the volume buttons anymore. I have an app that lets me adjust the volume somewhat but I don't care for it, and more importantly it DOES NOT work for DURING A PHONE CALL. Somehow my in-call volume is set to lowest now and I can never hear anyone I'm talking to. Please help someone!
    And take good care of yourselves.
    And as always I thank you all.
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    LewisR I am so sorry but what does the HTH mean? I'm irritated you had to deal with the same problem but felt good to finally know I'm not the only one.

    and also the incoming texts doesn't matter what phone or carrier the texts are coming from, it happens whether the person is on verizon, at&t, sprint etc, or whether they have android, iphone, motorola, older phone, etc (I know, I didn't have to say that, you all know what different carrier or type of phone means)
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    Quote Originally Posted by meca View Post
    LewisR I am so sorry but what does the HTH mean?
    My guess: Happy To Help.

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