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    Hi, all...

    After scouring the net for a couple of hours, I happened to locate two potential sources for HP 157-10158-00 BP4 batteries, one in Canada (shipping to Canada, US, and Mexico) and another in Sweden (unclear as to worldwide shipping there).


    Consumer Parts Source Inc.
    (10697869 CANADA INC.)
    117 Mallard Road
    PO Box#538
    Haliburton, ON., K0M 1S0
    Toll Free Phone: 1-855-762-6866
    Fax: 1-855-846-7867

    (Item # CP-TRB40SL Palm)


    Box 9070
    200 39 Malmö, Sweden
    Phone: 040-611 73 10
    Fax: 040-59 22 50

    (Item # 501-152 - Description: Batteri till Palm Pre 3 - 1.200 mAh)

    I've contacted Batterikungen for more details (in English; my Swedish is nonexistent, though I do have a smattering of other language options if English doesn't fly). I'll follow up here with results from Consumer Parts Source (should be 7-10 days via Canada Post) and any response I get from Batterikungen.

    Price from Consumer Parts Source was $38.48 CAD + $18.95 CAD shipping ($45.49 USD, total).
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    Well this is exciting ... I went and checked the consumer-parts website, and sure enough, they have one listing for a BP4 (Pre 3) battery. I can't find anything on the Swedish site though.
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    Hi, Fred...

    The direct URL on the Batterikungen site is:
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    Quick update:

    No shipment received from Consumer Parts Source Inc. as of today (order placed January 26, 2020). Payment did clear PayPal. No shipping confirmation received to date. I've contacted the company for status.

    No response received from Batterikungen as of today (inquiry sent January 26, 2020).

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