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    Hi, all...

    After scouring the net for a couple of hours, I happened to locate two potential sources for HP 157-10158-00 BP4 batteries, one in Canada (shipping to Canada, US, and Mexico) and another in Sweden (unclear as to worldwide shipping there).


    Consumer Parts Source Inc.
    (10697869 CANADA INC.)
    117 Mallard Road
    PO Box#538
    Haliburton, ON., K0M 1S0
    Toll Free Phone: 1-855-762-6866
    Fax: 1-855-846-7867

    (Item # CP-TRB40SL Palm)


    Box 9070
    200 39 Malmö, Sweden
    Phone: 040-611 73 10
    Fax: 040-59 22 50

    (Item # 501-152 - Description: Batteri till Palm Pre 3 - 1.200 mAh)

    I've contacted Batterikungen for more details (in English; my Swedish is nonexistent, though I do have a smattering of other language options if English doesn't fly). I'll follow up here with results from Consumer Parts Source (should be 7-10 days via Canada Post) and any response I get from Batterikungen.

    Price from Consumer Parts Source was $38.48 CAD + $18.95 CAD shipping ($45.49 USD, total).
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    Well this is exciting ... I went and checked the consumer-parts website, and sure enough, they have one listing for a BP4 (Pre 3) battery. I can't find anything on the Swedish site though.
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    Hi, Fred...

    The direct URL on the Batterikungen site is:
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    Quick update:

    No shipment received from Consumer Parts Source Inc. as of today (order placed January 26, 2020). Payment did clear PayPal. No shipping confirmation received to date. I've contacted the company for status.

    No response received from Batterikungen as of today (inquiry sent January 26, 2020).
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    The swedish company now has a 404 on the provided link in this thread. I think they never answered and they simply updated their site removing the batteries entirely from it
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    I emailed the Canadian company, they said they never actually stocked the item, it was always a drop ship, so they weren't aware that they couldn't get them anymore.
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    nobody had luck getting any word from sumi in all this time?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mazzinia View Post
    nobody had luck getting any word from sumi in all this time?
    I've sent him a couple of emails, over a long period of time, just letting him know that more people are interested ... No reply, no bounce notices.
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    sigh ... really hope he is ok
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    Spoke with him yesterday on Skype. He's doing well and still has batteries. Occasionally he has issues with the mail refusing to send them though but seems he has found a way around it.

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    ohhhh... very glad to hear. I'll try to send him a new email
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    Herrie ? I think things are not working. I sent an email from 2 different addresses and i'm not sure they got received by sumi ( I know is just 24h but I've a sensation )
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    Hi everyone I sent emails too and haven't heard back. I need a battery really bad, my pre3 is now doing a bunch of strange things and I wonder if the battery is the problem. I don't even use the phone at all and the battery dies after about 4 hours, I don't get incoming texts unless I restart the phone randomly, and now the volume switch isn't working. I know I'll probably have to start a new thread about it but in case anyone heard from Sumi PLEASE let me know. Or please let him know I really need one. Thanks.
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    Hi has anyone had any luck? With a battery or hearing from Sumi? I heard back from Sumi on May 19 and replied right away and haven't heard from him since.
    Also I just got my pre3 wet and don't know if it's going to survive. It stayed lit and sent a text or two before flickering and dying but since I let it sit and tried turning it on again, the hp logo turned on but not as bright and then there was barely a slight sizzling noise before it went black but the white gesture area stayed lit. Anyone offer any hope I just need to wait and see? Please tell me there's still hope.
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    me, no luck
    I got no reply to my emails at all

    you should have waited for it to dry up totally (battery removed, wait a day in a warm sunlit place) before trying to turn it on, sigh
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    Quote Originally Posted by meca View Post
    Also I just got my pre3 wet and don't know if it's going to survive. It stayed lit and sent a text or two before flickering and dying but since I let it sit and tried turning it on again, the hp logo turned on but not as bright and then there was barely a slight sizzling noise before it went black but the white gesture area stayed lit. Anyone offer any hope I just need to wait and see? Please tell me there's still hope.

    I dropped my Pre3 in water once. I snatched it out really quickly, pulled the battery and dried it off immediately. I left it to dry for a long time. No harm was done.

    All I can suggest is basically repeating Mazzinia's advice: Remove the battery. Ensure the phone is as dry as possible. Open the slider, pull off the back, remove the SIM. Use paper tissue to mop up any moisture and place (still open/ dissassembled) in a warm dry place, but as always with electronic devices, avoid direct sun or strong heat. If you have any of those sachets of silica gel that usually come with cameras or similar gear, use them to absorb moisture.

    The extent of the damage will depend on the length of time it was wet (i.e. the penetration of water) and powered up as obviously the electricity can be shorting across the circuitry, damaging it.

    A friend's kid once drove a radio-controlled car toy into a river. It had batteries in it and took a while to fish out. I took it apart completely, drying all the parts properly and reassembling it. It was fine, but a mobile phone is far more difficult to take apart and is a far more complicated device.

    You will need to leave the device for as long as it takes to fully dry (your best guess). A week? Only then risk re-powering it. Maybe you'll be lucky.
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    Thank you so much for replying and trying to help. I let the phone sit a few more days and wanted to give an update hoping to get some advice.
    I talked to a repair shop that says they can possibly bring the phone back or at least recover the data, and that they know palm phones too, but I'm not sure they understand that palm/hp texts are different and if they manage to get them off my phone (and can only recover data) if they will be able to give it to me in a form that I can actually read the texts. I usually put the photos and music etc on my laptop periodically so worst case I just want my texts and memos recovered so much I could cry. (Best case my pre3 is back and working)

    Anyway the update: Although the shop wanted me to NOT try to turn it on or power it up, I wanted to try just one more time before shipping it off (and paying God knows what). So far it's done NOTHING (besides the day I was stupid and tried too soon and it made a slight sizzling after the faint hp logo before going dark).. Just now - a few days later, I put the battery in and plugged the phone to the charger, and for a few min nothing happened. Except the phone started to feel warm. And then I saw the faint (when I say faint it will mean not as bright as usual) white plug symbol for a few seconds before it went dark. I felt the tiniest bit of hope and then the battery dead symbol that happens when you first plug it in to charge before it boots up, showed faintly as well, for a few seconds, then went dark. And I think maybe I sort of squeezed the phone a little and it came back for another second or two then went dark again. Like i said the phone felt like it was getting warm so I unplugged it and pulled the battery.

    So now I am wondering if any of you can give some advice to me as I'm not used to taking the thing apart and can't find my tiny star shaped screwdriver I bought for it. Do I try to wait a few more days? Or open it and carefully try isopropyl alcohol (though someone would have to show me pictures where)? Do I not take any chances and send it to the shop to let them fix it and see if the getting warm part is something they should address? Does it usually get warm and I'm just forgetting?
    It would mean the world to me to have opinions what to do at this point. I want to believe it will be ok again but I don't want to make any wrong moves as there seems to be hope.And I'd like to not spend a ton of money for them to fix it if I could have brought it back myself. But is it smarter to let them handle it and have to wait to mail it both ways and let them mess with it? What would you guys do?
    Hoping so much for help I can't stand the thought of considering stupid android or apple. Yuck.
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    @meca ... I can offer to loan you that fat Mugan battery that I once offered to @Preemptive, but I ain't go'n out to the post office to mail it.
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    I can't remember if there is a Pre3 repair guide. The nearest I can find is this for a Pre2. Likely to be similar, but not identical and specific parts probably don't matter if you simply want to get moisture out of it.
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    @meca ... See if you can figure out how to arrange for a prepaid UPS pickup, so I won't even have to open my door and interact ... If you can, I'll make sure it's fully charged and box it up.

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