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    Hello WebOS community,

    I have a question; I recently purchased a Verizon Palm Pre 3, the buyer stated that it's a world phone so "technically" it should work with ATT, I did a web research and the Verizon phone is in fact a world phone, but as I see they are extremely hard to come buy, my question is do anyone here has a Verizon Palm Pre 3 which they use with either ATT or T-mobile? hows the experience? and how hard or easy to get it working on those networks? Reason I ask is because I use ATT and I'm trying to get one as my daily driver.
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    I had Verizon Pre 3's in the past. I could never get the GSM reception to be as good as with an ATT or an Unlocked / World Pre 3. Even after flashing AT&T's or World's radio firmware onto the Verizon. I would keep searching for a AT&T / World Pre 3 and not bother with the Verizon one for AT&T.

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    Thank you for the response Harrie, I'll keep looking for the ATT one.

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