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    Good afternoon or good morning,
    I'm looking to purchase a ATT or unlocked Pre, hopefully in working condition ( loaded patches,etc.) so I can try to use it as my daily driver; If anyone has one and is willing to sell please inbox me. Or respond to my thread. Thank you!!!
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    I have a couple of ATT pre3s to chose from. I would take $100 for one.
    I can send you photos of them. I have one with a cracked screen.
    I have the replacement screen for it that I would include. $35 for that one.
    Let me know.
    Yes, that is a Britten super bike.
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    Inbox me plz, I'm very interested in the one that goes for 100.
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    PMD you about the phones.
    Yes, that is a Britten super bike.
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    Received, check your PM, hope to hear from you soon, thanks for the reply.

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