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    I've been on the lookout for a Pre 3 back battery cover for ages. There just doesn't seem to be a supply out there. I do have a mugen back cover, which works fine, but I'd like to get my hands on an original back cover someday.
    The closest I've see are the cases available at
    I suppose I could just buy another Pre 3 (complete ones go on sale on ebay periodically)...
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    The battery covers had a tendency to crack and there don't appear to have been any OEM replacement parts out there. Your Mugen is probably the best cover you're going to find, unless you buy another complete device.

    But you never know. It's worth saving a search on eBay so that you can get an email alert if anything is ever listed. It took a few months, but I replaced my old Panasonic portable CD player that way.
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    All I need is a 3D scan and we can make one on a 3D printer.
    I tried making one in my cad software but did not have the measuring equipment I needed.
    I have contacts with a 3D printer and can get one made. The best one for this job would be the one from 3D systems. They use nylon for the plastic, which is very durable. I am selling my 3 pre3s, PM me if you want.

    Kurt B.
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