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    With apologies to nizovn, check out my Instagram client for webOS...

    Now that I've wowed you, let me explain my trickery:
    - Get QupZilla
    - Set its home page to and sign in
    - Use Nova-browser to replace the QupZilla icon with the one attached here
    - Do the same to grab the appinfo.json, modify it to claim to be Instagram, and put it back
    - Do a Luna Restart

    Ta da! Instant fake Instagram

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    Long lives (pseudo) PWA
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    This technique, plus the addition of changing the AppID to something unique, could be used to create Launcher icons for a variety of "web apps" that aren't available for webOS or compatible with its browser...

    Edit: Or not. Qupzilla doesn't seem to like having two versions of itself installed -- even with different AppIds. I wonder why... all the app storage seems to be relative to the executable, but something must be conflicting.
    If we can figure this out, we effectively have a "new" run time...
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    Oddly, I was wondering today if a Linux Spotify client could be run on webOS, run from the CLI. Perhaps even a simple app could send basic commands or even the original webOS app could be patched. Of course, I think the web player can be used, but I haven't installed the media plugins required.

    There is of course the possibility of putting web bookmarks in the launcher, but that means the modern web browser needs to be set as a default app (because the old stock browser isn't up to the job). On my phone at least, that's not an option for the Qt browser.
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    There was

    However that's pretty outdated probably, but could be fixed. Though it's viewing only, or at least used to be due to limitations in API back then.
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    They've really closed up their API lately -- since the Facebook acquisition really.
    After all, they can collect more information on you if you're only allowed to use their "official" apps...

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