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    I have a 5 year old Pre 3 that I use as my main phone. It is currently eating up my old battery, rather than needing to recharge weekly, I have to recharge every 3 days. [ Any suggestions? I did buy 2 additional batteries, but they aren't lasting either.]

    In any case, my main question is that I bought a new [?] Pre3 from eBay, it looks in god shape and unused. Both are Verizon phones.

    Can I slip my SIM card from my old phone and put it directly into my new phone and go [transparently]? Or do I have to put the new phone in DEVmode ... OR do I have to setup the new phone separately?

    I'm not trying to use two phones simultaneously. My intent is to 'rejuvenate' from an older phone to a pristine phone with minimal hacking, doctoring, etc.

    What info is on the SIM card?
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    Er... I'll give it a go:
    I think it might be OK, but you may need to bypass activation on the new phone, so yes DEVMODE required.

    What kind of modern smartphone lasts 3 days on one charge? Tell us more of your magical batteries!
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    Magical Batteries: I rarely use my cell phone, except for a few occasional outgoing calls. And, I use MagicJack and GoogleVoice on a desktop, so that I can screen ALL roboCalls ... So the phone used to last for a week, now only 3 days. ;-)

    Thanks for the link... I vaguely remembered seeing that.
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    uh... do you keep it in airplane mode during part of the day, by chance ? I've never managed more than 2-3 days even when brand new , over a gsm network.
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    I used to have a strong Verizon connection, and I seldom use the phone, instead using my desktop for browsing, etc. But, when I use it, I do need it, because it is my 'formal' phone, or because the electricity went out. Also, my home phone calls transfer to it, for convenient caller ID. But, it is on and active 24/7.
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    Hank, where did you get your batteries? Now *that* is the magic trick there...
    I have an AT&T Pre 3 as my primary phone running on a week between charges. But I use it lightly and the battery is one of those huge Mugen batteries.
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    Two years ago, I bought some batteries from Igor Sumi for a good price, but I don't know if he still has any. You'll have to search the Forums for contact info ... He travels a lot, so may not answer for months at a time, if he still has some. I vaguely remember that it was possible to cobble together your own batteries, but I don't recall any of the details.

    I have a Verizon Pre 3, and I used to go a week between charges, also. Recently it's down to a day or two, and I think that either my local cell tower has reduced power (doubtful) or that my phone has a ["dead"] app that is continuously searching for a capability that no longer exists... Although I have the newest formal OS upgrade, I didn't make any changes or 'Luna' upgrades in the past 2 or 3 years, so I suspect that the phone is searching to back-up or some other function that has been switched off. Any suggestions for tracking down errant apps and removing them without bricking my Pre 3?
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    I've never managed more than 2-3 days even when brand new , over a gsm network.
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    Well, I couldn't track down the 'problem,' so after 5 years, I decided to jump ship. On Sept. 12, 2018, Apple announced that it was discontinuing the iPhone SE; that reminded me of the fateful HP announcement about the Pre-3. The iPhone SE is small, inexpensive, and fairly solid technically. I went to Cricket and took advantage of an extended Labor Day sale to pick up a new iPhone with a glass cover, otter box [and waived $25 setup fee!!!], for $139 plus $30/mo for service. It lasts 3 days between charges, after I spent a few days tweaking it and optimizing privacy and accessibility settings. That was especially useful since Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael a little damage and a few ours of lost electric service. It's nice to have reliable, new technology, even if will update for only a couple of more years...

    I'll continue to visit the WebOS Nation Forum, b/c I plan to play with the Pre-3, maybe tweaking it to work with Skype or something over WiFi.

    Thanks Guys!
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    So you're new phone has similar battery life to the old phones? ;-) Re-reading this thread, I think we all got side-tracked by the battery question.

    Given both phones were from Verizon, I guess even if locked to the network, the Verizon SIM should work, but I could be wrong. I recently added a link for dogbert's unlock method to the service pack thread. Were you able to successfully swap the SIM?

    If it's not a network / unlock problem, you might want to inspect the SIM holder for any damage.

    As for transferring apps, if you were around prior to the shutdown, you could have used the nodeleteIPK patch to re-download & retain the IPKs. This method still works for installs. If you don't have back ups, a large number of apps are available unofficially. Not all of them have been 'released' outside of the app catalog, so you must decide what counts as 'abandonware'.

    There are ways to back up data. See the back up thread. There is even a method to back up apps with app data included.
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    1. My old Pre-3 sometimes ran down in less than 24 hours, even if I didn't use it. However, if I left it in Airplane Mode, it would last a week. The iPhone has more features, although I don't know that iOS is as 'intuitive' to use as WebOS. But, the iPhone seems to last 3 days or more on a charge. It seems to last better during conversations.
    2. The SIM swap seemed to work on the Pre-3 ... I did hack around while I was switching my service, and the SIM seemed to work on different Pre-3 phones.
    3. I have all of my apps and ipks backed up, and still use many of them on my touchpad. I did 'donate' them to the common database when the request went around. I haven't played with bluetooth iPhone to touchpad compatibility. I don't expect anything, but I may be able to 'network' both with my iMac in the middle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Preemptive View Post
    I recently added a link for dogbert's unlock method to the service pack thread.
    Could you point me to this? I would like to try using a different carrier's SIM card in the GSM side, while still using Verizon on the CDMA side ... has anyone tried this before?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fred Zyphal View Post
    Could you point me to this? I would like to try using a different carrier's SIM card in the GSM side, while still using Verizon on the CDMA side ... has anyone tried this before?
    The service pack link is in the signature, but I know the forum app maybe doesn't show signatures so here is the link:
    webOS service pack? - webOS Nation Forums
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