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    Hi everyone I'm so sorry if this has been addressed, I tried doing a search and it's not liking my search criteria or something

    My hp pre3, in my pictures folder, it has them grouped according to the ones I took with the phone's camera, ones I saved from text messages, screenshots, wallpapers...

    If I tap on any of those folders I can see the pictures in it (and the correct number it told me that I had), except for the ones I took with the camera. I can see it says there are 208 photos, and it shows a few of the most recent on top of each other, but when I tap that subfolder to see them, I get nothing!
    I have 208 but it won't show me any of them. Please someone help before I freak out my pictures are so important to me. All the other subfolders behave as usual. Please let me know if you can help I'm a nervous wreck. Thanks for putting up with me and all your help you guys are the best.
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    Although not fixing this issue, have you tried connecting your Pre3 to a PC (Windows/Mac/linux) and browsing as a USB drive? At least you can make sure they are there, and possibly create a new folder to copy/migrate the pictures to?
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    Hi I haven't tried that yet in fear that they won't show up on the laptop either, but seriously was probably going to be my next step. I know that if you accidentally delete something on your PC there are sometimes ways of getting them back, but don't know if I can do so for my pre3. Also I never hit any delete button so I don't understand. I had just taken a picture but didn't delete it or all of them to my knowledge. I don't even think I've ever seen a "delete all" on the pre3 or my pixi I used for years.
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    It reads like you're looking at the photos app. It might just be the media indexer. It occasionally chokes. There are threads on this.

    Mine sometimes gets stuck, so then I use Internalz Pro for a look. I don't recall ever 'losing' a picture. I also use the patch to date stamp pictures.

    If your phone has performance problems, maybe this will help? GUIDE: CLEANING OUT THE /VAR PARTITION WHEN FULL | pivotCE
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    Thanks I hope so much you are right. I have never done internal pro before but have seen you all writing about it many times so I better start figuring it out. Hopefully the link you sent me will explain it for me. If not I bet someone posted about it on here how to start from the beginning.

    Also I don't know if you could shed some light on whether or not it could be related to my call log just deleting itself entirely recently and I swear I never touched anything, I was pretty upset about that.
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    I would seriously give a peek at the /var dimension ( and free space ) - the guide preemptive linked should tell how to.
    When /var gets too full, a lot of weird things happen
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    Yes.. in similar circumstances, this has always worked for me to regain access to 'lost' photos etc:

    So maybe try this first anyway?

    1). Install/Run Internalz Pro.
    2). Delete: - ' /var/luna/data/filenotify.db3 '
    3). Reboot the device.
    4). Start Photo App.
    ( + "..Take a Photo - click on the preview to view - Close Camera -
    Close & Re-open Photo app.. " if nec.)
    5). Photos *should* now begin re-loading/indexing correctly.
    Could take quite a looong time - depending upon the number of pictures stored.

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