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    Hey guys,

    I recently switched from gmail to posteo and was unable to sync up my contacts and calendar from that service. Then I found out about C+Dav Connector and installed the non-upsync version on my Pre3. Hoping it would work, I used the URL that was created by the app (C+Dav) but I am unable to connect to the server. According to the logs, it can't check the credentials so I'm assuming it can't even connect to the server itself. Also according to the logs, it is attempting the correct URL as found in posteo's settings page. Does anyone have an ideas as to why this might happen? If you need me to post the log, I can do so!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Preemptive View Post
    This thread's first post requests error reports:
    Well, I attempted to upload my logs but the forum didn't seem to like it...

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