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    I've been sitting on my Pre3 AT&T model for years now without using it. Finally I put it up on eBay since I never got around to using it...and you know how small apartments are in San Francisco. Anyways, I thought some people here might be interested.
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    Thank you - to post in the Marketplace forum, please poat pictures and a full description of what is included.
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    People from here will bid on it just for battery.
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    I'd be interested in knowing if it sells, and what you get for it. I have a BNIB AT&T Pre 3. Not selling, but may consider it in the future.

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    As the OP has failed to post pictures and a description of the item for sale and has not been monitoring this thread - it is now closed.

    OP can repost to sell the item as long as it is posted correctly and they subscribe to the thread to monitor questions.

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