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    Morning everyone.
    Okay so, I've moved on from my pre3 for quite some time.
    I would love to use it again. I'm a little savy but not a pro when it comes to patching and rooting. Is there a way or someone who can set up my pre3 to fix Gmail , load patches or whatever fixes available so I could actually use my pre3 again? Contacts, Gmail etc...and apps like fb, Instagram , sports and music apps...who can bring my pre3 back to life??

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    Download preware. Download Internalz Pro. Download openssl updater. Download certificate grabber. What OS version, can you doctor it to 2.2.4 or is it there already? Have you already bypassed the palm profile setup, since it's your device?
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    The first advice is to back up before you run a webOS doctor, but if you are picking up your old phone again, there is unlikely to be a need to do this anyway. If you do it, you will need to bypass activation.
    Tip: How to Bypass Activation | pivotCE

    In any event, download all the doctor files and tools you can from HP as there is no way to tell how long they will be available. The HOSTS file fix will be needed on whatever machine you use for this.

    Guide: Coming (Back) to webOS in 2014, Part 1 | pivotCE A bit out of date, but mostly correct.

    See the links in the signature, especially the service pack link. Note that Cert Grabber is not needed if the OSSL update is installed. OSSL requires the root certificate bundle to validate against.

    The only other note is that a well used device might have an overstuffed /var partition. here's how to clear it out: Guide: Cleaning out the /var partition when full |pivotCE
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    If you like to watch videos or movies on the Palm, the included player lacks modern codecs and frequently fails to play local mp4 videos. My solution to this is to download handbrake from to the PC. I found the link on the webOS forums, and members here have recommended it. You might need to download a newer .NET cab from Microsoft for your desktop, too, which I had to do. Once that is set up, open handbrake, add an mp4 video, select the legacy ipod preset, and handbrake will convert that mp4s into a format your Palm can play. It works for me on my Pre 2.

    I would like to add a word of warning, though. Pre3 batteries are very RARE! Don't waste it doing silly things because you might never find another Pre3 battery again...
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