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    I realise this may not be specific to the Pre3, but this is the device i'm working on at present.

    After recent repairs, etc (no Doctoring, please, that's a bigger can of worms at the moment), i'm finding that /opt isn't being mounted properly. I'll admit I did customize my original file (upped it from 128MB to 512MB), but I still have the original file & have failed back for the time being. The current mount state or /opt seems to point to /dev/mapper/store-root rather than a loopback device as expected..

    Any ideas on first steps for debugging please?

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    I've found some kind of solution, but this is a work in progress as i'm not certain how close it fits to what was there previously.

    Using some steps from here 'Tutorials Linux opt on loopback - WebOS Internals' i've been able to mount my own optware.ext3 file as /opt successfully. I've also made the changes to /etc/fstab, but there were no references to /opt in there before so I don't know if it'll survive a reboot. I'll test when I get a safe opportunity
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    that phone keeps developing quirks, isn't it ?
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    It sure does.. and i've not even got round to my C+DAV tricks yet either! But for that i'm beginning to think it's all to do with line endings during an import elsewhere..

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