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    Dunno if this ever happened to others, since I don't remember reading it mentioned.
    This is the 3rd or 4th time, in some years, that the Pre3 goes down hard...

    2 times happened at the house of some friends ( same house ), by the time I went home i found the phone to be cold , off , not charging, not responding, dead to novacom too. It only woke up after repeated pwr + 3 ringer tricks with the charging cable plugged... in both cases ( 2nd is just now, and I needed a lot of time to manage to revive it... this time ) the battery shows close to full. Once was while being at the dentist (erm)
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    While not the same issue, I do recall that my Pre 3 used to constantly randomly restart while on 3G, so I had to manually switch to 2G to make it useable.

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