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    Hi all.
    Yesterday my pre3 kissed the ground and the screen went totally smashed (only the glass, the device is fully functional. I can navigate, launch apps...etc... so the lcd and the digitalizer are ok). I've been searching for replacement screens but it seems pretty hard to find one so I was thinking a solution because the pre3 is still, for me, the best mobile i've ever owned... It will be a possible solution to take off the broken glass and replace it with a screen protector like the skinomi or airglass??
    I think i could take off the screen with a suction cup, a lot of patience or perhaps a cutter and even more patience. Or I must resign and begin to look for a new mobile?
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    Hopefully someone here has a complete 'spare' screen they could offer you?

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    "still, for me, the best mobile i've ever owned..."


    If you find any extra Pre3's out there, please let me know.

    I've been driving a Nexus5x since my Pre3 broke. I miss it so much I could cry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by billmiller13 View Post
    If you find any extra Pre3's out there, please let me know.
    Not my listing, but there are buy-it-now $35 VZW Pre3s on fleabay today, item number 253010267952
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    I like using auction mate pro for eBay on webOS for stuff like this because it actually gives you the quantity. 4 left.
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    Thanks for the tips.
    It's a shame that there's no spare parts at all. Yes, we could ask the devil to give us a screen for a little portion of our souls but... what a mess... I believe to have enough soul when the time to find a battery arrives xD

    Seriouslly, I found some broken devices on local ebay (i'm from spain) so I'll attempt to trade one for a good price but first I'll try the skinomi "replacement" if I can remove the broken glass.
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    I believe the glass is secured to the digitiser and the whole front needs to be replaced. Willing to be proved wrong though. Let us know.

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    I've a Pre3 for sale with loads of goodies.
    Willing to post.

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