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    I have been using Pre3s since they become available, however lately the camera suddenly stopped working as well the media player.

    Camera problem:
    - The app launches, however never gets beyond the grey screen with the camera logo.

    Music Player problem:
    - The Player opens, I select a song. It seems to be playing, but no sound come out of the speaker. Also no sound on headphones. However general sounds of the system like the swish sound when closing an app do work properly, so it is not a problem with the speaker itself.

    Did anyone encounter these types of problems?
    I tried to doctor the device this morning, however the situation did not change at all.


    (At the same time - is there a chance of when doctoring the phone also cleaning it totally? To delete all my files and preware patches I installed previously? Just to have a clean slate phone?)
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    Those are a sign that the media indexer is crashing or the index is corrupt. I have had one phone do that for no obvious reason, and I'd have to reboot to use the camera or music player. Sometimes just connected to a PC and adding or removing a music file would kickstart it. Generally though, copying all media - pics, music, and videos - to a PC and deleting them from the phone is required. Then copy stuff back a bit at a time to see if a particular file causes it. Note it could be a downloaded media file from the browser, mail attachment, or MMS as well, not necessarily one you have copied to the device from a PC.

    Regarding doctoring, that does not erase the USB drive, so if it really is a bad file, that would not fix it. You can do a full erase in device info followed by a doctor to totally wipe a phone, then bypass profile activation, since the HP servers are down. If the problem is one of the files, copying them back would trigger the problem again.

    The only threads I can recall that talked of deleting the media index refer to webOS 1.x, so if you run across one of those, the file it says to delete does not exist, as all media indexer data is stored in the db8 database.
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    Thanks! The full erase helped to get it working. Yeah!
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