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    This morning my Pre3 surprised me with a message: "You need to reboot...", and after a few seconds it rebooted itself and in the process reset to default.
    I did manage to skip lo login to my webos account by entering develop mode, but all of my apps are gone.
    Ok, I can reinstall them, as most of them were homebrew apps and patches, but the problem is that all my contacts are gone, and since all of the servers are down I am stuck. I used to use PocketMirror, but they are also down...
    It seems that not everything is erased, as my photos are still on the Pre3...

    I found that I have a backup of the internal media, but my question is can I restore some of the contacts data?
    Where is it stored on the Pre3?

    I know I will have to live with the fact that I have lost some of the data, but it would be nice if I restore some of the data.

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    Did you have contacts tied to a cloud account like, Google, Yahoo or If so, just go to the accounts app and enter your relevant account info.

    If not, not sure where the data lives in the local filesystem.
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    No, the only sync was with my PC with PocketMirror.

    Although, I do have a backup I made earlier this year with export contacts to PmMigrate.vcf, but I couldn't find any info how to import them back.
    Anyone knows how to do it?

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