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    Hello everyone I was really hoping someone could help with info and advice. I tried to do this years ago but was too attached to my palm pixi to let go of it yet. I can't stand touchscreen keyboards and I wasn't sure I was ready to have to slide up and down every time I wanted my keyboard. But now at least 3 of the buttons have fallen out of my keyboard in my pixi and I'm thinking it might be time to finally switch to my pre3.

    Both phones are Verizon. At the time a few years back the Verizon stores were having so much trouble activating the pre3's and people were writing in here for help. I was wondering if by now I could just log into Verizon online and 'switch my device ' (keeping same number) as if it were any other used cellphone you had bought or inherited from someone else. My pre3 has never been used but I bypassed the activation screen by putting it into devmode or something a while ago so I can access contacts, photos, etc. Will I be able to just switch my number to the pre3 and should be good to go? Or will I have problems? I thought I read a post about issues with Verizon and someone using a pre3?

    Also has anyone made the switch from pixi to pre3 and regretted it, and why?
    And now that palm and hp are gone, is there any way to copy (copy not move) texts, call log and/or calendar over to the pre3?

    Have never even 'doctored' either phone or used preware or anything yet so hoping someone will help me with that later. Tired of having almost no apps.

    Thanks for reading
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    I've used every webOS phone released (and some that weren't). I love the Pixi. Great phone. But it's like a classic car. Super cool and fun to drive but lacks modern improvements. The Pre3 while dated at this point is really the pinnacle of where webOS phones went. You'll be very quick to love the larger keyboard and bigger screen. Not to mention the added RAM and processsor power. I think there are some export patches that might work for you.
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    Read the back up link below. I think it covers almost all the things you might back up these days, though I suppose Pixi -> Pre3 is a bit of a leap as it's a different OS version. If you want to post there about how it goes, I'm sure others would find it useful.
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    I would recommend the upgrade.The only app I missed is Classic, it does not work on the Pre 3. On all other Palm/HP phones it works. You will notice the Pre 3 is lightning fast compared to the Pixi. Enjoy the journey!
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    Because it's a cdma phone without SIM, you'll need to have them activate it. But if it's VZN branded, it shouldn't be a problem since it's already in devmode.

    Hopefully someone with VZN Pre3 can confirm this.

    Check that the phone is already at webOS v. 2.2.4. Read the guide quoted above for doctoring it up to the latest version.

    Without a webOS profile service, there's apps to export data from old phone, LIKE to save your sticky notes. Those apps are downloaded through Preware or the app tab at top of this page if that still works.

    Some other things like contacts you'll want to back up through a cloud service like a gmail or Hotmail acct.

    You'll get used to sliding open to type very quickly. It's a nice device once you jump through the hoops to get it set up
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    I believe you just have to use Verizon's *228 activation number (from memory, which is very rusty... I'm not a Verizon customer..)

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    I know this reply may be too late, but if you have not signed onto Verizon, you might contact PagePlus. They are a cheaper bundler/reseller of Verizon services, and I've been using them for about 3 years with no issues for $33/mo.

    But, you have to call them and at the time, you could not have signed on to Verizon with the phone. I don't know if you could cancel your Pixi contract with Verizon, and then transfer the phone number. Even if you call PagePlus beforehand, the number transfer may not work...

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