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    With all due respect... Do you honestly believe that LG would have done Palm justice? You've seen what they are doing with WebOS...

    I won't say I enjoyed the idea that Palm sold to HP, but honestly, aside from the Touchpad, it seemed to me that HP gave Palm more leeway than any other company would probably have given them. It still ended badly, but I'm fairly convinced that was due to Apotheker and the Touchpad.

    -God Ginrai

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    I have no idea what LG would have done. I have no idea if any other company would have supported the Palm platform and allowed webOS to grow and eventually dominate the market. I have no justification as to why the axe dropped the way it did.

    I just know my neck still hurts from that axe, and i blame the biz staff, as the design was there, and the tech was there. This product should have been perfected, not shelved.

    Whatever HP did it wasn't enough. No forgiveness from me, ever. To this day, I'm peeved that the market is so biased to slab bricks, that i have to use a defunct phone. The Pre3, Veer (which should have been called Pre Jr or Pre-me), TP, and TPGo were a perfectly balanced mobile platform. Dang i wish there were state of the art versions of all of these.

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    What HP did was push tablet development when they should have been wholly focused on solidifying webOS in the phone market. They could have gone for a tablet afterwards. Everything else was really Apotheker's fault, as far as I'm aware. ( the fire sale, the abandoning of webOS, etc. )

    -God Ginrai

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