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    Are there tech savvy Pre3 users in the San Diego area that would be interested in helping me get my Pre3 running again. I think I accidentally reset it when I was carrying multiple items in my hands. I would pay you for your time.

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    Honestly, the odds are slim. I think your best bet is trying to talk about your issues here.
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    Or mail it to me and I'll fix it and mail it back. There are several of us that offer that on here. Cover all shipping costs and you'll get it back quickly. Or we can help you troubleshoot on here.

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    I also have a touch pad that needs some work. I will get a list of details on what is going on with each device and some of the things I have tried to get them to boot up again. Thanks for the replies.
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    Got the Pre3 up and running again. Not that I did much other then let it sit around & then when I had time to deal with it. I suspect letting it drain the battery all the way down and then plugging the charger in somehow resets it. Thanks to everyone for the offers of help. Really stoked to have the Pre3 working again.

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