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    Trying to migrate data to a WP10 device (Lumia 630) from the pre3. The "Transfer my data" app does not support text messages, it seems, though pre3 grants access to them. Anyone had success getting text messages and / or contacts to a Lumia device?
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    Hmmm.... will your contacts sync with a hotmail/live/ account through EAS? I think my Pre3 is syncing my contacts to hotmail (I'll have to check that now). That might be an easy solution.

    Scratch that. I just checked. The contacts from my hotmail account sync to the phone, but the ones I've created on the phone have not synced back, even though they're set to belong to that account.
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    For contacts: ##66623# CDMA or #*66623# GSM

    There is a patch to export more fields

    Also an App and patch to be able to export Messages, in preware

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