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    my Pre 3 is now used by my daughter. Today she gave me the phone the pin isn't accepted. I have Pin/Pin2 and Puk/Puk2 of the sim-card, but all doesn't help.
    Now I've one hope:
    The Phone is connecting my WLAN. A long time ago I have configured a sshd-demon on the phone and now I have root-Access via WLAN/ssh to the phone.
    Is there someone who can help me to unlock the phone?
    In summary:
    • HP PRE 3
    • Root-Access via WLAN-SSH
    • PINs an PUKs are known

    Thanks in advance


    I found in /var/log/message
    2015-11-24T19:38:06.054168Z [62] webos-device user.err PmWsfDaemon: {TIL.IPC}: LunaInterfaceModemInfo::SendPhoneNumberRsp Error=tilError(3080)
    2015-11-24T19:38:06.436401Z [63] webos-device user.err ofile.jsjsjs: [$com$.$palm$.$deviceprofile$]
    Error: palm://com.palm.telephony/phoneNumberQuery {}:
    Unknown PalmCall failure at Object.create (/usr/palm/frameworks/foundations/version/1.0/javascript/structure/err.jsjsjs:$5$:$17$)
    at /usr/palm/frameworks/foundations/version/1.0/javascript/comms/palmcall.jsjsjs:$158$:$16$
    at Future.<anonymous> (/usr/palm/frameworks/foundations/version/1.0/javascript/control/future.jsjsjs:$228$:$17$)
    at Timer.dispatch [as callback] (/usr/palm/frameworks/foundations/version/1.0/javascript/control/queue.jsjsjs:$72$:$16$)
    at node.jsjsjs:$28$:$97$
    2015-11-24T19:38:06.531372Z [63] webos-device user.err /usr/bin/filenotifyd[1571]: schedule act from scan done 13.
    2015-11-24T19:38:06.533294Z [63] webos-device user.err /usr/bin/filenotifyd[1571]: Starting AM timeout.
    2015-11-24T19:38:06.550689Z [63] webos-device user.err /usr/bin/filenotifyd[1571]: activity is queued 273.
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    Does it show anything in the top left? Like the carrier name, "Default Mode", or "Check SIM"? (Just to make sure that the phone modem is up.)

    Also, is it asking for a passcode type PIN, or the SIM PIN? I'll have to dig it up, but I had something similar happen and I just reset it from the command line. (Kinda scary though.)
    Did you know:

    webOS ran on a Treo 800 during initial development.

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