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    I have just managed to get hold of a 'brand new' UK Pre 3 and have re-activated it adding a number of patches and Preware apps,
    Its working fine and I am very happy to be back with webOS.
    However (and there is always a however with webOS these days)
    Can I use the stock music and video apps?
    When opening either app it states the obvious (no files present), but when I attempt to add or get files, it doesn't go any further. Do these apps require the HP server to function?
    If not, how do I add my music and video? Is it just a question of copying files and pasting to the Pre 3, whilst in USB mode and if so, where do I paste the files?
    I should add that I am not bothered about playlists. I am quite happy to select an album play it and then, when finished, select another.
    I would appreciate any help from this fine community!
    One additional thing. When I last used a Pre 3, I had the Accuweather app. As we all know, its gone with the HP app catalog. Does any member have any advice on where I might get this app now?
    Thank you all.

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    Basicically copy them over through USB, no worries about were, the indexer should find them.

    You could also download them to your device.

    Congrats on finding webos again!

    -- Sent from my Palm Pre3 using Forums
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    Accuweather ( free version )!jR1nSY6B!M3RLUHK_Y...5iA9G60aOmai20

    It requires a patch that you can find here

    I would suggest you add Music Player Remix (now freely available)
    and lunetube
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    There have been several fixes for the recent security tightening. I don't know if you've done that yet.
    Back up tips:
    Also the links below may be useful.
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    Thanks for all of the replies. Really appreciate it.
    To be honest, I didn't think that adding music would be that easy! Perhaps I/we always fear the worse with webOS and thats why we love it!

    I have just gone back to the Pre 3 from an iphone 5S. Sure, the iphone is bang up to date and officially supported but I much prefer the clean home screen of webOS, uncluttered by loads of apps that I'll never use and the (still) superior operating system.

    WebOS alive and well here in Somerset, UK!!!
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